Looks Theory

  1. Mafia Mafia:
    @IAmAMenace grats on the nofap. Why don't you try deleting your porn? I am going to do that right now actually.
  2. Mafia Mafia:
    Looks are meaningless.
  3. pretty_boy pretty_boy:
  4. pretty_boy pretty_boy:
    it was a Korean movie called 'A taxi Driver'. just stopped watching cause it looked boring and generic, when they started talking about how MC's wife died
  5. pretty_boy pretty_boy:
    I mean I should prob give it more than 15mkn
  6. pretty_boy pretty_boy:
    I can't watch anymore anime cause I watched almost everything that's I'd be into
  7. pretty_boy pretty_boy:
    the only thing that could entertain me is aot S4 II or vsaga s2
  8. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    @Mafia I have so many screenshots of porn vids
  9. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Way too many
  10. Mafia Mafia:
    You must purge them all.
  11. Mafia Mafia:
  12. PerfectInformation PerfectInformation:
    what are the best social skills/self-development books you've ever read
  13. P pest000:
    How to bomb the U.S Goverment ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0997917601
  14. PerfectInformation PerfectInformation:
    I see your point but I live far far away from u.s.
  15. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Day 10 no fap
  16. Mafia Mafia:
    140 lbs even after nearly 60 hours of fasting. My body is further ruined from stress eating. I wish I was 134 again.
  17. PerfectInformation PerfectInformation:
    imo 5 days or more of water fast give best results for health, or try 24h dry fast
  18. Mafia Mafia:
    I don't believe in dry fasting. It seems like it would take too much of a toll on one's skin and just be more so about artificially reducing water weight instead of losing fat.
  19. Mafia Mafia:
    5 days of water fast would be something I could do if I wasn't working. The one I've done so far was more so out of necessity. Too many stress eating binges lately and I literally did not want to eat anymore for a while.
  20. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Day 11 nofap
  21. Chris555 Chris555:
    nice day 2
  22. PerfectInformation PerfectInformation:
    Yeah I understand you, Mafia
  23. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Day 11 of nofap completed
  24. Mafia Mafia:
  25. pretty_boy pretty_boy:
  26. Mafia Mafia:
  27. Mafia Mafia:
  28. RuudVanNistelrooy RuudVanNistelrooy:
    overcome your limitations
  29. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
  30. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Do u miss me
  31. Mafia Mafia:
    I've been Shinji-ing lately.
  32. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Should I relapse, nofap is cope it's not like it's going to help me get laid
  33. Mafia Mafia:
    Yeah bro, You don't need this BS. You need to low inhib maxx and start talking to girls at your school.
  34. Mafia Mafia:
    That's what matters. Not fapping or not.
  35. Mafia Mafia:
    I relapsed again today and I binged and I probably will be ordering Wendy's and be up all night getting my lessons together for tomorrow and the rest of the week.
  36. Mafia Mafia:
    I do nofap and fap because I'm a freak. To someone socially adjusted it's meaningless.
  37. Mafia Mafia:
    Well I guess the equivalent of approaching girls at school that is for you would instead be learning Japanese. I think it's the only way I can be interesting enough to LTR.
  38. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    True. It was smooth sailing until today. This has been my longest nofap streak ever. Well I gained some discipline at least, I definitely feel I have the willpower to fap less, I didn't do it because of the nofap movement or whatever I did it because I was jerking it and watching porn 5x a day, when I first started I didn't think I was going to last this long.
  39. Mafia Mafia:
    All of my nofaps have been impure anyway because I looked at triggering stuff and thought about it a lot.
  40. Mafia Mafia:
    Cutting down on distractions is way more life improving than nofap. It's so hard though.
  41. Mafia Mafia:
    There's a literal gang of dirt bikes outside terrorizing me. What an awful place. I should've been in bed by now but it's another night where I have to do everything at the last minute.
  42. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Move to Japan
  43. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    U won't have to deal with those hooligans
  44. Mafia Mafia:
    Indeed they are. They're the same at my school as well. I'm just trying to hang on long enough to save enough money to leave. That's the only way I'll get through this.
  45. Mafia Mafia:
    Tonight is the last night I: stay up later than 12, go on 4chan, go on other foolish websites (Slickdeals Laptops, Microcenter and MacRumors), fap, watch porn, lie, delay my work to the last minute, over-eat, not drink enough water, use Uber Eats or any other delivery app, say bad words, complain instead of work and look for excuses instead of getting work done.
  46. Mafia Mafia:
    I'm serious.
  47. Mafia Mafia:
    Oh yeah, and: eat unsliced bread, eat Chinese takeout, eat bad food other people offer to me, and eat deli meat as well as eat more than one peanut butter sandwich in a day.
  48. Mafia Mafia:
    As well as fasting (this fast I'm starting in the morning is going to be my last one of the year but I'm going to try to do a week at least maybe two weeks. i really want to starve up until I get my iPhone and then maybe I can eat the day after).
  49. Mafia Mafia:
    I'm adding cracking my ankles to the list too.
  50. PerfectInformation PerfectInformation:
    remember that day 3 or 4 is the worst during fast, later on is easier, drink mineral water and add 2-3 g sodium per day (Himalayan salt or other electrolytes). Otherwise you can get very bad headache and nausea

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