Looks Theory

  1. Mafia Mafia:
    That hairstyle is too modern/plain to really stick out to me.
  2. pest000 pest000:
    that hair and face resembles one of the bitches that rejected me
  3. pest000 pest000:
    but that rejection was probably my fault
  4. pest000 pest000:
    if she didnt reject me my lfie would be very different
  5. pest000 pest000:
    I hope she suffers all her life I cant believe she rejected me even though it was my fault
  6. Mafia Mafia:
    It wasn't your fault.
  7. pest000 pest000:
    fuck I am feeling depressed incelness first time in months
  8. pest000 pest000:
    I cant believe I used to feel this all day every day
  9. Mafia Mafia:
    I'm feeling it everyday. I don't remember the last time I was happy or felt like I had control of my life.
  10. Mafia Mafia:
    I got a midterm project due tomorrow. I don't even know what time it's due, midnight or before the class. I'll try to have it in before the class then.
  11. Mafia Mafia:
    I never even looked at the instructions. It's worth 20% of the grade. It's what I'll be working on tomorrow during day 1 of my 40 day fast.
  12. Mafia Mafia:
    I've taken my last bite for 40 days. It was watermleon that tasted kind of raw.
  13. Mafia Mafia:
    Or maybe I should say kind of unripe.
  14. Es Es:
    Why fast for 40 days straight? Are you a glutton for punishment?
  15. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
  16. Mafia Mafia:
    No I have to fast for 40 days because I am a glutton and then after I won't be.
  17. RuudVanNistelrooy RuudVanNistelrooy:
  18. pest000 pest000:
  19. Mafia Mafia:
    This is a Japanese fansite not a Chinese one.
  20. pest000 pest000:
    there arent enough coming of age japanese romances to satisfy me.
  21. pest000 pest000:
    I should become a great painter and create my own coming of age chinese comic
  22. Mafia Mafia:
    I am way past coming of age so they have no appeal to me.
  23. pest000 pest000:
    not a manga with filthy line art
  24. Mafia Mafia:
    In fact, I never came of age to begin with. I feel I lack the critical experiences required for that.
  25. Mafia Mafia:
    I'm a non-entity.
  26. pest000 pest000:
    I like how future is uncertain in those stories. Miyazaki is always bulling that shit too.
  27. pest000 pest000:
    Humans aren't birds we were supposed to find girl and fuck when coming of age then die in a tribal war.
  28. Chris555 Chris555:
    fuck that
  29. Mafia Mafia:
    Yeah really, that scenario sounds horrible.
  30. summer summer:
    @Mafia you have a full blown eating disorder. and you’re not even fat. you’re at a normal weight. so not only do you have disordered thoughts you’re also body dysmorphic
  31. Mafia Mafia:
    I wish summer, I am 166 lbs now from 134 due to constant binge eating and I even binged again today. I've spent nearly 2k in 2 months on the worst fast food imagineable. I'm a fat slob and I should be 110 lbs.
  32. Mafia Mafia:
    Starving down to the weight I should be is my only hope. Then eating a rabbit's diet from there is my only hope.
  33. summer summer:
    Binge eating is a really big struggle. If you wanna DM me on Discord I have a lot of tips I can tell you that may be able to help.
  34. summer summer:
    Actually you should DM me regardless. I have some images I’d like to show
  35. pest000 pest000:
    @Mafia your weight is actually fine but they were supposed to be muscles not fat.
  36. Mafia Mafia:
    That's the problem, it was all fat. And I was pretty "soft" at 134 as well. I need to starve down to 110 anyway otherwise I'm going to have to pay 1000s of dollars in loose skin surgery.
  37. Mafia Mafia:
    Water only is the only way to get rid of loose skin without scars and surgery.
  38. Mafia Mafia:
    The internet is filled with normies saying how horrible the Squid Game dub is.
  39. Mafia Mafia:
    I liked it and now I am reaffirmed that it is good since the normies hate it. The same people saying watch Squid Game subbed are the ones who say how good an anime's dub is and to watch the dub.
  40. Mafia Mafia:
    I'll continue to do the opposite of them.
  41. summer summer:
    I liked Squid Games. I watched it with subtitles.
  42. pretty_boy pretty_boy:
    @Mafia you have it the other way, those ppl say watch anime subbed, or they don't watch anime at all
  43. Mafia Mafia:
    Today is the day I turn my life around.
  44. pest000 pest000:
    dubs sucj ass
  45. pest000 pest000:
    I dont feel hungry but my body knows I am fucking with it
  46. Mafia Mafia:
    Turning my life around
  47. Mafia Mafia:
    This is officially the moment I turn my life around.
  48. pretty_boy pretty_boy:
  49. summer summer:
  50. Mafia Mafia:
    I installed the list to block ads on Japanese sites when I installed my AdGuard for Safari. I wonder if I will ever make use of it.

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