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    this is such a cliche soy thing to say, but I honestly don't even want sex, just love.

    Boost your happy hormones dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins
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    The gaming center I've been frequenting lately is Western, it's alright. The ones in Japan really are on a different level though
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    My best friend, no
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    Life of a soyboy normie

    I hate most rich people
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    It wasn't that bad but it would've been a more fun night if we went to a gaming center with my friend I find it easier to hang out with people in places like that
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    Life of a soyboy normie

    That's your priority but there are also a lot of normies who have different goals
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    pretty boy

    I ship this
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    You're gay.

    Yeah I love it
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    Looksmax Despite starving myself for another week I only lost 1.1kg of bodyfat.

    It will get easier over time
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    This man keeps it real

    This man keeps it real
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    Life of a soyboy normie

    Mogs the average normie's willpower
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    Keep coping that height matters