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  • Thots can’t come up with anything professional during arguments, just ‘At least I have sex’ level insults which during said arguments, they are implying their snatch is their only self-worth so ironically, they are insulting themselves and admitting to having no self-respect.
    mass death and suffering to the normalfags, we could never live happy life's so why should they?
    ‪Even though I do make ‘My wife’s boyfriend’ jokes, I’m convinced that there are seriously cucks in the in the reddit base that do have a wife that has a boyfriend.‬
    My wife's boyfriend didn't like this post, please delete it.
    Respect mi’lady or you will be sorry.

    Edit: Thanks for the gold, kind stranger.

    Edit: Didn’t expect this comment to get so many up votes. Just doing my job, protecting le womenz.

    Edit: Yes, I will be paying for my wife and her boyfriends vacations.

    I had an ultrasound performs on me today for some health problems I was experiencing a week ago. I'm feeling fine now. the person who performed that gel rub procedure was a small olive skinned skinned women who looked to about 5'0 tall. she was verry soft spoken. it felt so nice to be touched by her while she performed that ultrasound gel rub. that will probably be the highlight of my day. the sweet touch of a woman is what we have been deprived of our whole lives, and normies tell us that were not missing out on anything, that we should just get over it and stop complaining and get on with our lives. its like telling a starving person that there's more to life than food.
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    very brutal poast my guy
    as time goes by, its becomes harder and harder to cope with not having a sweet loving girlfriend to cuddle with. were like plants that are deprived of sunlight.
    hey Brett, I have a question, do you have the link to Insomniac's discord? assuming its still up?
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