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  • You are overdue on threads, we need more instagram misadventures and coworker conflicts.
    Ryo Saeba
    Ryo Saeba
    I decided to ldar few months ago so there won't be any stories coming.

    I may start posting about my art and japanese progression but I need to finish fallout 4 first.
    I'm doing my TTW run of Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Do you have any ecchi mods? I haven't worked my way up to Fallout 4 yet (never played it before but I played 3 and NV dozens of times each though never modded. Fallout 4 I'm going to mod right off the bat (at least a few big ones).

    That's good you're learning Japanese again. Hopefully you'll be committed enough to practice everyday.

    If you're LDARing you should just do that in coffee shops or places where you may be able to meet women.
    Ryo Saeba
    Ryo Saeba
    I don't use any sexy mods or anything like that, I don't get the obsession with body and nudity mods.

    I am using these mods;

    Improved Map with Visible Roads (In bethesda games I prefer following the roads instead of directly running to the quest markers since things and events are always located near a road so I come across them.)

    Full Dialogue Interface
    (I hate the dialogue wheel.)
    Full Dialogue Interface LOOK UP FAILED Fix (Without this my mod was causing errors)

    Mod Configuration Menu (Lets you configure your mods on the menu UI instead of using the pipboy interface.)

    The cheat mods that I use;

    Companion Infinite Ammo
    Cheat Speech Checks
    (Speech checks in this game is awful at some point I got tired of constantly saving and loading so that dice rolls in my favour.)
    Easiest Terminal Hacking (I don't give a shit about the terminal hacking mini game.)
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