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    Slayer where is @juicyanimetitties

    I AM NOT A STACY!!!!
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    Slayer where is @juicyanimetitties

    hi ALLMIGHT welcome(y):):eating:
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    what has everyone been up to
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    only 90s kids will remember

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    only 90s kids will remember

    i am a 2002 kid
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    Great Ontario enters lockdown again.

    oh hey neighbor :3
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    My dad still believes in this scamdemic.

    unfortunate my dad knows its a scam but is still cautious because there is people getting sick
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    Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 1 Review.

    Good review very informative, thought out, and detailed. Definitely influencing me to watch it
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    Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 1 Review.

    I might start it (y)
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    Red Pill question for the white people

    Not going to have children I’ll be dead by 23.
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    Investing Where would you invest $10k in?

    I’d donate it to queen Pokimane.
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    High student teacher ratio or low student teacher ratio?

    spain is so cool idk, ive never dealt with a student teacher i cant answer i just think spain is cool
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    Looksmax Rate my newest shirt ($200)

    looks like something they would wear in africa ngl
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    Friday movie night.

    sure shift we can see a movie, socially distanced tho (y) all of our friends are invited