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    You Can Get Civilization VI For Free Right Now

    And you want to know what's crazy? You can keep it forever. Holy shit. I'm downloading it as we speak. I can't miss a deal like that. And I don't even play civ like that. But who would pass up on this deal?
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    BBC Post From /pol/

    "By now you crackaz must realize that you have no chance against us in the race war. We will fuckin annihilate you. We vastly outnumber you and are superior physically and mentally. You just can't compete. But we are a generous people - unlike you filthy scheming crackaz. We will give you one...
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    Black Pill Time To Take The Asian Pill?

    I don't know what to say...
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    This Is Me Right Now:

    I too have a mouse with my laptop. I don't like to use the touchpad. With a mouse, I can move so much faster around the screen. And you can't game with a touchpad.
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    How Do You Tell A Girl You Like Her?

    How can you give her signs you like her?
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    Clothes Look Like Shit On Short Men

    No matter if you're wearing skinny jeans, shirts, etc, you will always look worse in them. Tall, lanky guys look great in anything. And I'm talking about short guys that have that muscular body type. No jeans will ever look good on you. Skinny, baggy, none of them will look decent. A...
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    I Need To Get In The Gym

    I need to make some gains. Hopefully the gyms will open soon.
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    (Reminder) You Will Never Have This:

    You will never have this, incel.
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    I Wish I Had A Reputation For Being Autistic

    People expect me to pump out high IQ threads. It's tasking. I have to be on my game every time I'm here.
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    I Forgot How Good Masturbation Feels

    Stages of Masturbation Early: Getting the cock hard. Middle: The least enjoyable part in my opinion. I don't feel anything at this stage. It's tiring. End: Fucking incredible. When you're on that edge close to ejaculating. Fuark. Insane.
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    Incel, It's just Me And You

    It never began for you, bud. Don't even try "looksmaxxing". Whatever that is.
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    This Thread Got 400 Views:

    Thread: Is this a negative orbital vector?
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    My Current Existential Crises Song

    If you haven't watched Inception, Shutter Island, or Interstellar, then what are you doing?
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    This Video Makes Me Mad!

    These women are so sexist. Treating a human being like an object, a piece of meat. I am outraged!
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    Henry Cavill Getting Flirted With Compilation

    - subtly gets closer to him - slightly rubs her arm on his - flicks hair
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    This Summer Is Going To Suck

    I can feel it in my bones. I hope I lose my virginity this summer.
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    I'm In The Stu Working On A New Song:

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    @skinnyfaggot Dear skinnyfaggot, Go to sleep. Sincerely, Achathin.
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    Does Mafia Still Make Videos?

    If so, link it.
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    Rejected On Discord (again)

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    Looksmax Should I Get This Hairstyle Again?

    My hair is getting long enough to start twisting up. I liked this hairstyle so much. I don't even know why I cut it off. There are no new hairstyle trends like afros, braids etc. I don't think this hairstyle will ever fall out of style.
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    The Inside Of Boobs: (Disgusting in my opinion)

    That shit is so fucking creepy to me.
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    Dear God, I wish there were some foids here. I feel like orbiting. We need to get meanyes back. Too bad she never added me on Discord. @Cindy Sincerely, Achathin.
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    I Don't Understand Why I'm Here

    I don't know why I enjoy posting here. I'm like the only black teen that has this many posts. I thought it was autism. I wanted to have autism; it would explain a lot. But I just couldn't convince myself I was autistic. I had none of the symptoms. The only thing I really have is social...
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    Once You Get Doxxed, You Have Nothing Else To Lose

    On the internet. That's the worst thing that can happen to people on forums like these. But once it happens, and you come back, you feel like a god because you're untouchable. Nothing can get to you. People can threaten to show up at your house, but those chances are slim. They can threaten to...
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    Woke Up At 9:00 O'clock At Night.

    I have the reverse circadian rhythm of most people. When Americans are getting ready to go to sleep, I'm waking up. That's why I'm always talking to Europeans on these forums. We have the same schedule. I hate being a night owl because I never see sunlight.
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    30 Days Of Productivity

    @Mafia what does that entail?
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    Got Bullied Brutally On Discord

    They all were making fun of my pics, saying my nose is huge and shit. It was brutal. I almost cried. Then they all rallied together and got the admins to ban me. Shit hurts. Taking a break from Discord.
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    Adriana Lima With A Corset:

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    I Might Be A Fag

    Still no sexual feelings. I'm good for now.