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  1. pretty_boy

    "side affects are increased attractiveness"

    I think my brother should get this surgery he already snores at night and his lower jaw is recessed and he may as well get it not to reap the benefits but he will never listen/doesn't care about looks
  2. pretty_boy

    i have officially been agepilled (changed my whole life plan now.)

    they may be compromising, but it shows that they enjoy hanging out with them and having sex with them. in terms of compromising, it's just the classic case of no matter what there will always be someone better etc. shawn mendes can steals chad's gf etc.
  3. pretty_boy

    i have officially been agepilled (changed my whole life plan now.)

    yea thats what i dont get about mafia's thinking, a lot of men HATE their wife and always joke about murdering/leaving them or smthn also doesnt explain how sub8 men are in relationships in college/high school despite the fact that beta buxxing isn't really a thing at that age and women dont...
  4. pretty_boy

    why men are the superior gender

    pick me
  5. pretty_boy

    "side affects are increased attractiveness"

    it's too bad people get sleep so ea surgery in their 50s... imagine if they got it in their 20s lol
  6. pretty_boy

    "side affects are increased attractiveness"

  7. pretty_boy

    when men end up making a lot of money

    they end up dating women who would of never dated them before by flaunting their wealth but they would have been better off just using it on plastic surgery. be it nose job, genio, hair transplant, collagen injections, personal trainer/dietician and liposuction
  8. pretty_boy

    my skull is 59cm

    still feels small, especially from the front
  9. pretty_boy

    Black Pill You aspie dont understand male attractivness

    his jaw isn't that narrow, the dude in ur avi just has a massive jaw
  10. pretty_boy

    NEUTROGENA® HYDRO BOOST Water Gel Sunscreen I think this is the best chemical sunscreen since it absorbs fast and doesn't make your skin oily, and doesn't cause acne. Though some people complain about strong smell, while other's...
  11. pretty_boy

    no longer need men

  12. pretty_boy

    the YT channel "Looks Theory" deleted all his vids

    he had really well made vids explaining all what makes a face good looking, but then some other dude took over the channel. what does he do? deleted everything and then never uploads a vid :what:
  13. pretty_boy

    Ethnic My mother played the "married to ethnic" card

    u told ppl not to race mix and u told non white people not to have kids
  14. pretty_boy

    Some girl likes me!!!

  15. pretty_boy

    this rioting shit is ridiculous

    the people raiding buisness are spereate from the protestors/rioters they are just opportunists looking to steal
  16. pretty_boy

    Aspie (srs) Would you cuck someone?

    he's a new user who came from lookism
  17. pretty_boy

    Environmentalist are so stupid

    Cars should have been electric a long time ago, gas powered motors are ridiculously in this day an age
  18. pretty_boy

    Aspie (srs) Would you cuck someone?

  19. pretty_boy

    Aspie (srs) Would you cuck someone?

    only if they r an enemy
  20. pretty_boy

    If I Found The Doctor That Circumcised Me

  21. pretty_boy

    If I Found The Doctor That Circumcised Me

    van circumcision
  22. pretty_boy

    I take it personally when a girl don’t want to fuck me

    @InjectE why
  23. pretty_boy

    mogged in low quality

    he's been calling himself 25 y/o for 3 years on psl
  24. pretty_boy

    Indian men are slaying hard right now

    so this is what lurkers do on LT
  25. pretty_boy

    Black Pill ITT recessed subhumans getting rhinos

    would of benfitted more from genio but typicaly surgeons who give out nose jobs ONLY do nose jobs since it's a very complex surgery, so they dont do implants, so they dont want to chase their customer away
  26. pretty_boy

    Story I tried shaving my chest but didn't finish

    week like I do but a lot