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  1. Gerald Wolff

    the secret to life

    i have been pondering, questioning, analyisng my life during the solitude of the past few days. lying there in my private imitation of eden, my pale xanadu, if you will, i came to a conclusion that i will share with you all. first, let me set the scene. as i lay there in the grass, the...
  2. Gerald Wolff

    my head hurts so much

    if i move i can feel my brain rattling around in my skull i'm currently immobilised
  3. Gerald Wolff

    i am angelic

    when i shave. my skin is so bare. i'm like an angel
  4. Gerald Wolff

    does she really love sitting with her?

    What do you think??
  5. Gerald Wolff


    to bed
  6. Gerald Wolff

    i like this song

    an excuse to make my 100th thread
  7. Gerald Wolff

    my spell check is broken

    there aren't any red squiggles under my words but when i go to read it again, the words are mixed up
  8. Gerald Wolff

    i feel like my mind is going to explode

    i can't keep a thought longer than a few seconds so many different thoughts racing through my mind but i can't make sense of any of them
  9. Gerald Wolff

    feeling like shit

    that's all
  10. Gerald Wolff

    rate my organisation skills

    had an important assignment set 2 months ago, original deadline for 2 weeks corona delayed it i applied for an extra extension currently trying to cram it in one night. the deadline is tomorrow ii'm bullshitting so much but i don't think it'll work this time. i'm about to give up and just submit...
  11. Gerald Wolff

    going to sleep

  12. Gerald Wolff

    it's ogre

    it's oger
  13. Gerald Wolff

    whoa re you waterl00

    i recognise your name for PMing people on lookism is your pm safe
  14. Gerald Wolff


    not even bored tbh i just wanted to make a thread
  15. Gerald Wolff

    time moving on

  16. Gerald Wolff

    i had a good yesterday and today

    days where i actually felt genuinely content. i havent had that in a while and now i've had two in a row
  17. Gerald Wolff

    might download dark souls 3 again

    and start it again. never finiished it the first time
  18. Gerald Wolff

    wwho dem

  19. Gerald Wolff

    lmao mr bean

  20. Gerald Wolff

    it's nearly been 6 months

    since this site was created crazy
  21. Gerald Wolff

    insane how fast the days are going

    i am legit in disbelief. a state of shock how is it saturday already?? i can't think of a single unique day. if something happened on monday thursday tuesday, i don't know i'm so confused uni starts again soon and i have legit done JACK SHIT. fuck all
  22. Gerald Wolff

    just had deja vu

    deja vu rtikwadawd
  23. Gerald Wolff

    going to sleep

  24. Gerald Wolff

    anybody out there

  25. Gerald Wolff

    laid in the sun today

    writing this at 2:18am but i felt like sharing it now your body feels good everything is lighter, whiter, brighter warmer ants crawling on your arm but its ok
  26. Gerald Wolff

    akon - don't matter

  27. Gerald Wolff

    grey spot on my eyeball

    i've noticed it a few times when putting my contacts in i tried rubbing it off but it stayed there
  28. Gerald Wolff

    people screaming outside

    and by screaming i mean wailing out the lyrics to a song as loud as they possibly can
  29. Gerald Wolff

    what a legend