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    Play me once @Lexi
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    These are breeders

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    Robert, you wanna game?
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    I demand a game from Niggerian_Prince

    I demand a game from this hider and this troll
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    play me quick game
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    @Gerald Wolff play me once
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    Play me once @AsianBoss
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    Tsunayoshi Sawada

    You want a game man?
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    pretty_boy quick game @pretty_boy
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    Claybold and Nigger

    Whoever beats me in chess is correct about the world Claybold goes first:
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    Mafia, give me some games bro
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    beat me in chess once and ill tell you how to do that
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    my photofeeler

    its over
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    Reminder: God banned Achathin from

    And his justification for it was just "nigger" @Tsunayoshi Sawada @AsianBoss @Mafia
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    i will post my face on this site at 6 PM EST

    if this post gets 5 likes before then
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    New Video is Finally Here

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    Tsunayoshi Sawada is avoiding me to protect his rating

    He's afraid of a weaker player stealing his ELO
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    3 games vs alt goldgrun
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    Just accept the challenge i sent you on

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    ok so my next video is filmed however...

    it needs to render so ill upload it in the morning
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    who was that

    Good opening moves until Ng1 on move 5 4. Nb1 is also probably inaccurate but maybe not so bad Not good at d4 or hyper modern openings ngl
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    play chess
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    new video tonight for the youtube channel

    topic: the cult of self improvement
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    Future Generations of Men won't Feel Empathy

    Foids are breeding them out of the genepool
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    U2 - One is everything

    Dude @Tsunayoshi Sawada i need a fucking tranny gf