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  1. pretty_boy

    "side affects are increased attractiveness"

  2. pretty_boy

    when men end up making a lot of money

    they end up dating women who would of never dated them before by flaunting their wealth but they would have been better off just using it on plastic surgery. be it nose job, genio, hair transplant, collagen injections, personal trainer/dietician and liposuction
  3. pretty_boy

    my skull is 59cm

    still feels small, especially from the front
  4. pretty_boy

    NEUTROGENA® HYDRO BOOST Water Gel Sunscreen I think this is the best chemical sunscreen since it absorbs fast and doesn't make your skin oily, and doesn't cause acne. Though some people complain about strong smell, while other's...
  5. pretty_boy

    the YT channel "Looks Theory" deleted all his vids

    he had really well made vids explaining all what makes a face good looking, but then some other dude took over the channel. what does he do? deleted everything and then never uploads a vid :what:
  6. pretty_boy

    i really doubt @Kong is 6ft4

    he is prob 5ft8 max... but most likely 5ft6.
  7. pretty_boy

    i have anger issues

    it is such a primitive trait. really ethnic, but some stuff just makes me very mad. i use to fight a lot as a kid. as i grew older i became more chill, less stuff angers me, infact even less than the avg person. but for the few things that do anger me idk what i'd do ngl tbh imo.
  8. pretty_boy

    lol at this approach

  9. pretty_boy

    Blue Pill i wont ever get a gf like this (sad)

  10. pretty_boy

    feeling down in the dumps

    dunno what to do. gonna go on a walk and see if I get any IOI's from Asian mom's watering their lawn
  11. pretty_boy

    making out with a girl sober

    is actually a lot rarer than u think women can't make out with subhumans on top of that it is just a very intimate act, more intimate than sex, and is very hard to do even with a good looking person
  12. pretty_boy

    juicy anime tities exposed

  13. pretty_boy

    I think kpop maxing is cope for ricecels ngl

    I had a Chinese friend in high school who resembled a k pop star, so much so some random girl he didn't know took his pic and posted it to some Kpop fanpage on how this guys resembles a certain star, and it got like 500+ likes with plenty of girls commenting on how cute he was either way word...
  14. pretty_boy

    despite being 10% of the forum userbase

    women make 90% of all retarded threads
  15. pretty_boy

    i feel really really lame around cool people irl

    i feel like lisa simpson
  16. pretty_boy

    i'm honestly thinking that saudi arabian men are the ugliest of em all

    saudis, emirates etc. none of them ever have robust bones best case scenario they look like this the best looking middle eastern men are all from the levant (syrian, jordan etc.) or iranian
  17. pretty_boy

    Jordan Peterson getting a hair transplant

    is the funniest thing lmao he should of included that in his book. rule #13: hair=life
  18. pretty_boy

    min. IQ to be good at ____ videogame (top 5%)

    smash bros: 110 LoL: 120 StarCraft: 130 AOE: 140 Starcraft 2: 160+
  19. pretty_boy

    do you think I'll get hired at the coffee shop

    I don't want to break my back on a farm for min wage. coffee shop is easier and if I get the night shift then j won't have to do anything
  20. pretty_boy

    what's the ratio you care about looks to personality

    it's really hard to say but maybe I'm like 70/30 - 80/20 I'll be honest being GL just halo's everything they do and tricks ur brain
  21. pretty_boy

    the main reason I want a hot gf

    is just to status mog other people, and ofc sex. weridly enough I don't fantasize about going on dates or travelling with them etc. I think living with a girl who is always in ur case would get kind of annoying too. but when I see a guy with a hot gf I immediately respect him and know he's...
  22. pretty_boy

    going to bed

    good night
  23. pretty_boy

    number one thing to have as a rotter

  24. pretty_boy

    Rate @Lexi/melanholy/sweetdis FACE reveal

  25. pretty_boy

    Rate this guy

  26. pretty_boy

    I will astral project in the next few days

    I've been in the "vibration stage" a lot (sometimes even by accident) but I pussied out
  27. pretty_boy

    I have vegan protein powder

    my dad got it as a gift from some guys that sells that stuff I smelled it and it smells so bad :vomit: but may as well try it
  28. pretty_boy

    I always wear long sleeves or sweater cause I'm so disgusted by my forearms/wrists

    even I get mass itd be to my chest/shoulders/back and upper limb,