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  1. Mogger9

    Make a post, bitch

    @Narutomaki go ahead say something
  2. Mogger9

    im pretty decidedly ugly

    im pretty ugly ngl
  3. Mogger9

    I wrote this song for you Narutomaki

  4. Mogger9

    Christian and the Hedgehog Boys isn't just a pop group boyband

    They have actual musical talent
  5. Mogger9

    Duran Duran isn't just a pop group boyband

    They have actual music skill and alot of it
  6. Mogger9

    9 members online

    That's a lot of members
  7. Mogger9

    i poop

    I PEE
  8. Mogger9

    theres no good games

    there are no good games
  9. Mogger9

    Nofap Goodbye Thread

    I'm going to be leaving the site due to not masturbating. Good luck and don't fap
  10. Mogger9

    peace nigga i need nofap

    goodbye thread nofap
  11. Mogger9

    This pissbaby female is pissing me off

    what a stupid dumb bitch lol
  12. Mogger9

    Chris555, you need to apologize to me

    because you mog me @Chris555
  13. Mogger9

    My new Youtube Video

    @Mafia @Tsunayoshi Sawada @pretty_boy @mogmaster @pi33baby @skinnyfaggot @vintologi @Ryo Saeba @Chris555 @DarkMTS_57 @higgabigga @mvp @SwaggyP1 @toth77 @Tsunayoshi Sawada
  14. Mogger9

    keep simping nigga

    she will not fuck you
  15. Mogger9

    im going to upload my new video soon

    title tbh
  16. Mogger9

    Have the MGTOWs finally met their intellectual match?

  17. Mogger9


  18. Mogger9

    I will survive Nuclear Winter

  19. Mogger9

    What are you gonna do in return Mafia?

    You know what happened (check your DMs) What's our next move? I can lay low if necessary or we can go all out I don't give a fuck about my life only getting revenge @Mafia
  20. Mogger9

    Uncle Joon is no more

    Uncle Joon is no more
  21. Mogger9

    I've been rejected by over 15,000 women ngl

    title tbh
  22. Mogger9

    im going to the philippines

    im going to the philippines
  23. Mogger9

    Women killed the forum

    I hate women
  24. Mogger9

    the only people i like on this site are tsuna and mafia

    title tbh
  25. Mogger9

    the "pissbaby is trying to doxx me" is a joke

    im 99% sure can't doxx me from my pics alone, plus i dont think she wants too, plus i dont care if she does im not mad at her im just stirring up shit as per usual @Mafia @pi33baby @PrettyBoy @pretty_boy
  26. Mogger9

    pissbaby threatened to doxx me

    just lol if you think its not your looks buckaroo, women will have you killed if youre ugly @pi33baby
  27. Mogger9

    chess thread

  28. Mogger9

    I was ahead of the chess curve

    I was ahead of it
  29. Mogger9

    I cant stand this guy at work dude

    He's such an autistic fucking faggot. He always thinks he's right too. He insists that the problem with this machine is the HP printer driver when its actually this Windows Update so he just reset an hour of my work, just to prove me right, no apology. My boss was talking about firing him...