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  1. DarkMTS_57

    Black Pill Today i´ve punched a normie in the mouth

    Following the events from this ѕhit: Now, it´s official. The bastard came for me, and i lost my cool again. Got what he fuсking deserved for all the ѕhit. ( Screeching like a Nіgger while...
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    Jewish Degeneracy = Pornography

  3. DarkMTS_57

    Image boards are ruined This fag watches Marvel 24/7, and hates masculine vidya. Kek He can burn in hell, for being such a complete idiot. These wannabe elitists who don´t know anything about gaming, and pose as such, need to fucking die. Racing games fucking ROCK !!! Get with the...
  4. DarkMTS_57

    Black Pill Vaush The Marxist Joo

    This Vaush character, is an ashkenazi joo paid by ( you know who ) to disrupt reality itself, and fake it with joo science. JFL he won´t ever talk about the Genocides commited by the jewish Bolshevists. ( The original commies ) He comes out as a very filthy marxist, in the hunt to shut down the...
  5. DarkMTS_57

    Looksmax ( Wahmen ) The Magic Of Makeup!

    Take a good look at this crap: Now, without the clown face: Compare the two. That´s a minus 2.5 PSL drop ( In my opinion ), when all that paint is off of her fucking face. JFL at this Clown World. Simps worship this shit. ( LITERALLY ) In the first video she looks pseudo-white, but in the...
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    This Mossad Virus was planned to take away your rights as a citizen, and bring NWO!

    After making some reseach, and taking some thought into it, besides all this crap... It has come to light that this Mossad virus is a diversion for their upcoming, World Wide Communism. This is a psych op beta-test to prove their social engineering skills through the media, using high-tech. Now...
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  8. DarkMTS_57

    LOL A thread about S0Y!

    Soychips, Soyburger, Soypaddy, Soycabbage, Soysauce, Soybacon, Soucheese, Soylatte, Soychair, Soytable, Soyemployees, Soyconsooomers, Soystaurant, Soypaycheck, Soydrivethrough, Soyattendees, Soyface, Soygoners. kek
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    News WTF is THIS Nonsense !? GTFIH EVERYONE!!! "There's a new bill going through the US Congress that will allow the US government to scan your online messages and emails. We feel it's important for our members to be informed of...
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    (Tech Reviews) Panasonic Camcorder HC V180 Full HD

    This is the camera i bought a few months ago, from much searching for something simple yet reliable. I record my gameplay footage with it. I found it through here: I´ve got to thank this gentlemen, for helping me find a decent enough video camera. Just sharing it with you guys, in case...
  11. DarkMTS_57

    Black Pill I HATE how society pretends to be civilized, where in truth...

    Everything you see, either on TV, or magazines, or just day to day "small" public interactions are nothing but a facade. They all act, because they are forced to behave in the societal moral code, but remember those times back in high school ? Oh yes, they show their true colors. Obnoxious...
  12. DarkMTS_57

    Black Pill (Media) Saint Hamudi - The Blackpilled Movie

    The guy who compiled this, has my.... no... OUR gratitude. This is a masterpiece.
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    Discord server for the fellow outcasts If you want to join, go ahead! It can only be filled with actual humans lol
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    Airsoft guns have cool designs

    ( I am not enticing violence, OKAY ? ) Like this one: Later, i am thinking about starting a collection based on these models. I like to have a bit of everything in my room. In Europe, you can´t just get a gun...
  15. DarkMTS_57

    Joosoft Loves Your "Privacy" ((( PC )))

    The CIA nіggers at Joosoft updated my Laptop´s Win 10. fuсking hell. I thought i had permanently blocked the damn Windows Update, but because this is connected 100% to the internet all the time, they managed to update it. One thing they will NEVER touch, is my other desktop with Win 10. That...
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    News Concerning COVID-19 ( Corona-chan )

    Do you know whats new ? 44 new cases from my small village have been confirmed. From 2 people to 44 cases, that is to be expected, since its very contagious. Most importantly, for this virus outbreak to get HERE, something is just NOT right. Like i said before, NEETing is the solution to ALL...
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    LOL (Media) Jooz Rock!

    #OpenBoardersForIsrael #JoozRock #Autism
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    Rage Normies have RUINED everything!

    They have ruined video games. They have ruined anime. They have ruined music. They have ruined movies. They have ruined comedy. They have ruined our memes. They have ruined THE DAMN INTERNET!!! What else can they ruin ? Their cringy posting ( specially now that they can´t even stay ONE SORRY...
  19. DarkMTS_57

    (Modding) Need For Speed: Most Wanted PC - Cop Mod ( Improving the Pursuit Escalation )

    I´ve been having some doubts, and i decided to take on something i left back in 2016. It is an improvised mod involving the condition units. I remember back in 2013, i had a combination of mods that i left untouched, and somehow together they made the most hardcore experience. Although, at the...
  20. DarkMTS_57

    Is KiwiFarms a place full of normies/bullies ?

    They have a reputation to go after autistic people, or just scratching to find unusual individuals and call them "lolscow". Or whatever that means... Is that the sole purpose behind that Forum ? To pick on other people who frequent the internet ? Or does it serve as a place of comradery ? What...
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    (NEET/Gaming) My NEET Room

    I kept my promise. So here it is:
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    Holodomor, A Genocide Orchestrated by Hatred From The Eternal Adversary

    The 6 million dollar question. Juden Peterstein says... In his own words - "I can´t do it." Never forget one of your gravest sins, you monsters. This paid shabbos goy will never take you to where you want, but you´ll come to understand how schysters work.
  23. DarkMTS_57

    Why Do People Hate Jooz / Khazars ?
  24. DarkMTS_57

    (Bravery) George Lincoln Rockwell - The American National Socialist
  25. DarkMTS_57

    (Real History) The Greatest Story Never Told FULL
  26. DarkMTS_57

    R18+ (NSFW) Warning: Watch it at your own risk, The Mental Illness from Transfags