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  1. FatalFlaw

    Ethnic Should I invite this guy to PSL?

  2. FatalFlaw

    Rage Gonna have to work this weekend

    I have a deadline on Monday and haven't finished my project this week, so going to have to work this weekend to finish it. Probably going to have to work 10 hour days like I have until August at least. fml. Fuck the client, fuck my coworkers and fuck being a wagecuck. The BBCs who live above me...
  3. FatalFlaw

    Landlord screwing me over? Legalcels GTFIH!

    Moved out of my old shitty apartment to a slightly less shitty new one. Moved everything out, including bed that was there when I got there, since I thought whoever lived there before just left it behind. Got texted by old roommates that landlord wanted the bed back. I paid the landlord in...
  4. FatalFlaw

    @pretty_boy what's with the whack avi on Lookism

    :stare: Weirdest looking Asian girl I've seen.
  5. FatalFlaw

    News Going to hang out here more

    Lookism has degraded lately with all the race bait and unfunny shitposting but this place is pretty chill and I know some of you here so I'm gonna hang out here more.
  6. FatalFlaw

    This site now mogs Lookism in one important aspect

    and that is the lack of ADS. I'm usually on my computer with ad-blocker when posting, but how am I supposed to browse the forum in public on my phone when ads like this are blaring on every page?! Curse you Admin, you utter sellout!!1 :rage: You should have asked for donations with a top...
  7. FatalFlaw

    Rage Tried registering for an account on Looksmax

    Tried registering for an account on Cuckmax because Lookism is down and I need to cope somehow despite the place being inhabited primarily by spastic teenagers. Stopped when I saw this: :what: Guess I'm stuck here for now.