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  1. FatalFlaw

    I met with my surgeon for the second time and orthodontist for the first time yesterday

    :clap: Based ascension post. I wish you the best man. Getting surgery and wearing braces for a couple years is nothing compared to a lifetime of subhumanity. Plus if you're getting it in half a year you still have a large chunk of your twenties to live as a better looking person. I don't think...
  2. FatalFlaw

    15 Year old boy wanting to start lookmaxxing and all that stuff but I need help starting out

    Don't gymcel, play sports. Keep your mouth closed and your tongue to the roof of your mouth. All those supplements are pure cope. Don't waste your money. Just make sure you eat well, sleep well, and be active. Get off autistic forums like this.
  3. FatalFlaw

    my brother started gymcelling but wont get on finastride

    Won't it not be balding more than usual unless he does roids?
  4. FatalFlaw

    Ethnic Should I invite this guy to PSL?

    Alright now I'm wondering how I'll pop the question: Dude probably knows I post at this point since I use the same username lol.
  5. FatalFlaw

    Ethnic Should I invite this guy to PSL?

    Ok I doubt it. He's pretty low inhib though.
  6. FatalFlaw

    Ethnic Should I invite this guy to PSL?

  7. FatalFlaw

    Is it even worth attempting to looksmax?

    I recall giving you advice on Lookism. If you can get laid as often as you can it's not over and do whatever you need to looksmax. Whether you prefer to rot or not is up to you.
  8. FatalFlaw

    Taking a creative writing class next semester

    Wish I took one when I was in college. Only took two literature courses as a stemcel. Online must be a huge bummer. Big part of it is supposed to be the feedback from your peers, and I feel like it wouldn't be the same as in person.
  9. FatalFlaw

    I saw too many naked girl legs today

    I used to find looking at pretty women in public, who have been plentiful in the neighborhoods I lived in during and after college, something that was pleasant. Like beautiful flowers or a vista. Now I am reminded of nothing but my own misery and islolation at the sight of them.
  10. FatalFlaw

    Black Pill Most normies don't have sex often

    Sounds legit but honestly I have no fucking clue at this point.
  11. FatalFlaw

    News The #1 problem with looksmaxx

    Agree. I remember lurking there when Lookism was down and honestly I couldn't remember any of the unique users. The only memorable guy was this spammer called Retailincel. Whereas all Lookismers were relatively speaking really unique characters in the time I was still a PSL lurker.
  12. FatalFlaw

    Rage Gonna have to work this weekend

    Honestly I could've been more productive this week but this is the busy time of year anyway and it's not the same without the two monitors, free coffee and free La Croix I've been used to in the office either. I wished this too when I was a student (a "real" job, not as a part-time cashier like...
  13. FatalFlaw

    Rage Gonna have to work this weekend

    I have a deadline on Monday and haven't finished my project this week, so going to have to work this weekend to finish it. Probably going to have to work 10 hour days like I have until August at least. fml. Fuck the client, fuck my coworkers and fuck being a wagecuck. The BBCs who live above me...
  14. FatalFlaw

    pretty_boy gossip thread

    Yo @pretty_boy are you actually banned from Lookism or is that just a new tag to troll people?
  15. FatalFlaw

    I'm gonna begin preparations to leave psl

    Honestly PSL is a big part of my life I realized. There's probably nowhere irl I can discuss these sorts of things with without fear. I tell myself I'll leave once I ascend but even then I have a hard time imagining me leaving this place altogether. I mean there are posters on Lookism who have...
  16. FatalFlaw

    50k sigs to put an Asian frat boy in prison

    Lmao. They're always the most pissed off about Asian Changs like this dude.
  17. FatalFlaw

    It's better to not eat at all during the night

    I usually don't eat breakfast except have coffee because I'm addicted so I eat between noon and 8pm. It's usually 1pm and 7pm most days actually. Though I go to bed at like midnight which is unideal.
  18. FatalFlaw

    do you think I'll get hired at the coffee shop

    Working in coffee shop is ideal and retail/food service work is great for NTmaxing. Only thing better in that field of work is working in a bookstore. Being a restaurant host or cashier at a cosmetics store is easier but only females get those jobs. Come to think of it in retail the higher...
  19. FatalFlaw

    The only way I can drink enough water is to be hungry

    Cut out the pumpkin seeds and any sort of snacking. IF is the best way to lose weight but you have to stick to it. If one meal a day is too hard cut it in half and do two meals a day, 8 hr eating window, 16 hrs fasting or 6-18 or whatever. Increase the window gradually (EDIT: I mean increase...
  20. FatalFlaw

    next anime series I'm watching

    You guys should watch it. It's only 12 (or was it 11?) episodes total. It's blackpilled too.
  21. FatalFlaw

    next anime series I'm watching

    Did you end up watching Madoka Magica?
  22. FatalFlaw

    there’s one thing you guys aren’t missing out on

    Wish I had more drama in my life tbh. Would make things more interesting than getting cucked by my employers/landlords and rotting. A lot of people love drama actually, even if they say they don't. Especially females.
  23. FatalFlaw

    Landlord screwing me over? Legalcels GTFIH!

    Moved out of my old shitty apartment to a slightly less shitty new one. Moved everything out, including bed that was there when I got there, since I thought whoever lived there before just left it behind. Got texted by old roommates that landlord wanted the bed back. I paid the landlord in...
  24. FatalFlaw

    Lost $200 trying to trade stock options

    :lmfao: Try $12000. Now I make even more risky bets to earn it all back and more.
  25. FatalFlaw

    Rate Rating pretty_boy's avis from worst to best

    I like how it looks like she's browsing PSL in 6.
  26. FatalFlaw

    Aspie Where did Amnesia go wrong in this scenario?

    Damn, there were a lot of people posting here when Lookism was down.
  27. FatalFlaw

    Should i start smoking cigarettes

    lol at vaping. Lame and bad for you. Unlike smoking, which cool and bad for you. That being said, smoking is only worth it in a social setting.
  28. FatalFlaw

    Steins;Gate is such a strange show

    I saw this some years ago. At least the first episode brings you in. It was good.