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  1. Mafia

    Spoiler I saw Gundam 0080

    I watched it all tonight. Usually with my depression I'm lucky if I can manage a single episode in a day. And I had already saw the last two eps of Please Save My Earth this morning. This one I was able to get through in one sitting. And for the first few episodes I was surprised how quick they...
  2. Mafia

    Theory How I could MyAnimeListmaxx

    I could become a popular MAL user by reviewing some of the anime I've seen that have no reviews or very few. I think that's how you MAL max. I took a look at this guy's profile randomly and he has people even years later leaving comments. If I put a...
  3. Mafia

    I went to the mall today

    I didn't go to a proper mall but a small mall by where I live. I guess it is a proper mall but it doesn't really feel like it. It's 5 stories but it's pretty small. There's only a few stores per floor. I went to uniqlo. It's my favorite clothes store because you can get Japanese fashion. I...
  4. Mafia

    I saw a shoujo anime

    It's called "Please Save my Earth." It was pretty good. It was very dramatic which I really like, and the characters were fueled by emotion. The ending song was also really good. It was a romance anime but one aimed at girls. Idk who watches the ones made for guys but those are really...
  5. Mafia

    My professor is a jerk

    He's some old guy and he spent the first half hour of class talking about food and restaurants because he noticed some students were eating and decided to talk to them about food. Some of the students don't respect him and keep their cameras off (a small handful). I just had to turn off the...
  6. Mafia

    I'm always going to feel like a creep and out of place

    I wish I could do things like study at the library or spend my day at a cafe but I'll always be uncomfortable and feel like I don't belong. It's going to so hard for me to ever ascend. The only way I can feel not so bad being in public is if I am dressed very well and very thin (to the point I...
  7. Mafia

    I wish a girl would give me her necklace

    I've heard people in relationships buy each other game consoles, computers, and other expensive items. I wouldn't want anything new or any gifts at all (to a lot of people this is important). But if a girl gave me her necklace that she already owned that would mean a lot to me. I would never...
  8. Mafia

    Wish I was as sophisticated as the left, feel like the right at all times

    My dad is also just like the right which makes me feel worse.
  9. Mafia

    Gabe Newell and fan

    This was in China. I'm guessing she likes steam games and recognized him in this hotel lobby and asked her friend/bf to take this picture. I like her style a lot. Based "Gaben" doesn't hoverhand at least. I'd be kind of embarrassed to that modern idol heart thing though. You can tell he never...
  10. Mafia

    Henry Cavill building a PC

    I guess he's a PC gamer (this vid was uploaded to youtube from his instagram). He should've bought some finasteride. People were making fun of him on /g/ since the RTX 3080s just came out and he released the vid of his build only 2 months ago. I never built a PC before or was a PC gamer...
  11. Mafia

    I'm going to go shopping for clothes with my mom next week

    I have too much anxiety to go by myself. I need new clothes for work. I'm going to buy boots as well. My mom isn't paying for anything btw I am. I like to go with my mom because I get nervous buying clothes I'm going to go h&m and maybe the clarks store (my mom suggested this) to get boots...
  12. Mafia

    I should've been blackpilled by Abercrombie as a kid

    That's what the rich Asian fobs at my middle school and high school would wear. There was American Eagle and Aeropostale and Hollister which were kind of like that but not the same. They were cheaper And the Abercrombie models were infamous. If I was smart as a kid I would've realized...
  13. Mafia

    I've almost entirely used up my 20g tube of retin-a

    I apply a pea sized portion to my face every night. I've been doing this for about 2 months since I've gotten it. It's getting really hard to get my nightly portion out now so I'll be done with it soon. I looked on the internet and this seems to be the average for people (other than some...
  14. Mafia

    This movie looks really blackpilled

    I kind of want to see it just because of that. Usually I don't think masculine Asian guys look very good but that guy has a very nice frame and is tall (especially for an Asian male) and robust. His skin is dark too but he still looks good. He mogs the girl to oblivion but the whole movie...
  15. Mafia

    I just did some group work with this Polish lady

    We had 1 on 1 group work for the first time. She was actually pretty nice. She kept complementing me on how knowledgeble I am and said she's glad she's working with me and I would make a good "study buddy." I was thinking maybe I should ask for her number and we could be friends. I told her I...
  16. Mafia

    Making money may be all that matters in life

    For unattractive males. Maybe this is stupid to say but I think a lot of people realize that when they decide to become doctors and that's what they remind themself of pushing themselves through medical school. I think I need this same kind of focus in my life. Of course you'll have an easier...
  17. Mafia

    Imagine how revolting whoever submitted this reddit post is irl

    Especially with that username. This is why I don't like reddit. There's too many insane subs there (idk how people come up with some of this stuff and then how it gets traction). I come here for informative posts sometimes but even then I think people make posts without knowing anything at all...
  18. Mafia

    There is no social circle for me

    I don't like dancing, drinking or drugs. And the people who are like me would not be healthy to be around and there wouldn't be any meeting girls through them anyway. I think in my life I may be able to make friends irl (like playing tennis) but those would be 1 on 1 friends. I can't see...
  19. Mafia

    This is what it means to be robust

  20. Mafia

    My microsd card broke

    I'm not sure how. All I know is I my phone fell less then 2 feet off my coffee table in a case and then a few hours later I saw my microsd wasn't being detected. Idk if it's because it's a noname brand (Netac) that it was so delicate or it's because of the stupid tray slot in my phone that...
  21. Mafia

    Lol at orbiting in 2020

    The comments are funny. I only pin people to analyze them by psl standards whenever I'm bored. Not because I like the way they look. Most of the time I'm pinning myself and asking myself "wow do I really look that bad, do I look better in motion than when I print screen, it can't be that bad...
  22. Mafia

    Jeremy Meeks is ugly

    Only roasties like him. He doesn't prove anything to me and I wouldn't want to be him.
  23. Mafia

    My eyebrows look like they're painted on in this zoom class

    I shut off my self view, can't take this anymore. But there's still this stupid light next to my webcam permanently alerting me to the fact that my face is being broadcasted in this stupid class right now. I didn't even do the reading or the homework and this guy likes to call on people...
  24. Mafia

    I just tried ketoconazole shampoo today

    It's prescription and the same as nizoral shampoo. The only difference is the ketoconazole (the active ingredient of nizoral) is at 2% strength instead of 1% in the otc version. It was prescribed to me for my dry scalp. I heard side effects of people's hair becoming really dry after but my...
  25. Mafia

    I saw The Girl who Leapt through Time (1983)

    What inspired me to watch it was this lofi music video I found that was made from scenes from the film. I didn't really even know what lofi was before I found a lofi version of Evangelion's Fly Me to the Moon from the same uploader that had scenes from the series. It's a genre that's memed...
  26. Mafia

    Finally saw the Gilette commercial

    There's no reason to specify since there's only one anyone ever talks about. It's not really something that made me angry or anything. Just disgusted but all commercials elicit that in me. It was really lame and cringy but that's what marketing is. Imo the worst and most pointless major and...
  27. Mafia

    The saddest reddit post I've ever seen

    I remember when I first came across this. It was after I I completedthe first season of AoT 6 years ago and had then caught up with the manga. I went to the subeddit because I was checking out discussion and fan theories (it was really interesting back then speculating about the origin of the...
  28. Mafia

    Finasteride and Retin-A are all that give me hope for the future

    There are few things that make me happy in life but the existence of these drugs do. I'm really self-conscious about my age and fear aging very much. I'm glad these products exist which I will be taking for life though I haven't started the propecia yet. This in addition to being thin are the...
  29. Mafia

    If I see a therapist I'm going to blackpill them

    I'm going to explain to them the shame of being unattractive and undesired by women and the implications of that. In regards to worth as a human being, perceived societal value, and how that factors into motivation to work and be productive. I know they are not going to care and it won't be to...
  30. Mafia

    I don't really particularly like Asian women anymore

    From the ones I've seen on the webcams in classes I don't really find them that appealing. Before I'd be happy with any Asian gf. I guess I was kind of a race fetishist. I've approached a few that people in psl would call 2s. But now that I've become more of a looks theorist I really am not...