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  1. megadrive

    Summertime ended 3 days ago (22/09/2020)

    Covid-19 lockdown really ruined my summertime fun....................not. What you think I ever missed out on this in my ever?
  2. megadrive

    It's grey, windy and raining! Storm in full force with 55mph winds.

    🤟 Free ASMR all day and perfect weather for a neet.
  3. megadrive

    Forget "get a haircut" I got a buzzcut 3 months ago and saved £30.

    My hair was looking bouffant due to having a rare genetic condition called "uncombable hair syndrome". Last time I got a "2 clipper cut" number 1 back and sides and number 2 on top for £10. I recall when hairdressers reopened in the UK and I googled July 4th 2020! 2 months and 19 days meaning...
  4. megadrive

    Blue Pill I'm going on a diet to lose bodyfat and (initially) slim up through diet, fasting and calorie skipping alone.

    Making this thread as a declaration to lose weight through diet rather than waiting for a non existent "grafting" job. All my goals and results will be posted here. While I understand as a (suspected) endomorph body-type I have a poor metabolism by genetics, I recall a YouTuber who ascended...
  5. megadrive

    13 Women Describe What Their Boyfriend’s Penis "Tastes Like" (female blog)

    "Burnt sausages" "armpit sweat" What is the point of "take a shower bro" or "practice good hygeine" if women are literally prepared to "taste" and worship their Chad's unwashed dick...
  6. megadrive

    Rage I keep having PTSD nightmares about not finishing college work.....3 years later.

    Seriously the last college degree I did was business management ending June 2017. Yet I keep having these recurring nightmare where I am set retarded assignments or impossible group work to finish with only 12 hours to spare, while needing 10 hours of "sleep" within the dream itself! The irony...
  7. megadrive

    Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid). I don't get the appeal of this!!!!!!!!

    Long story short you've seen this. - As incel avatars - On waifu pillows (dakimakura) - As a custom skin in Garys Mod games I thought she was some videogame character but turns out its some YAMAHA software that turns typed lyrics and keyboard music into songs sung by a faceposer/blender...
  8. megadrive

    Anyone remember the first Japanese anime/manga image they saw?

    You know the infatuation with what we now call waifus and a staple synonymous with the incel community? Here's mine. Mamono Hunter Yohko - Makai Kara no Tenkousei A videogame cover for the Japanese Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis USA) 16-Bit. The box art was sat in a videogame swap shop in...