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  1. megadrive

    I started finasteride today

    Finasteride is (sic) "hormone therapy for transgender women"
  2. megadrive

    Black Pill No one on any PSL sites has ever improved their looks

    There is no improvement for your face, height, frame or race. Even your current (meme) avatar confirms this.
  3. megadrive

    Summertime ended 3 days ago (22/09/2020)

    As an agematched chadlite. I cannot stress this is the foundation of love fuck songs that say "it's best to have loved fucked and lost, to never have loved fucked at all".
  4. megadrive

    Summertime ended 3 days ago (22/09/2020)

    If it's not flat it's fat in the eyes of femoids. 1. Tall Athletic chad 2. Tall Skinny man 3. Short agedmatched chadlite (12-17 as per pic) 4. Lesbianism . . . . 99- Fat endomorphic subhuman incel 100. Elephant man syndrome (proteus syndrome)
  5. megadrive

    Summertime ended 3 days ago (22/09/2020)

    That feel when you will never tap a jailb8 summertime goodbye girlfriend. I'm white so excuse the confusion with the following meme.
  6. megadrive

    Summertime ended 3 days ago (22/09/2020)

    Covid-19 lockdown really ruined my summertime fun....................not. What you think I ever missed out on this in my ever?
  7. megadrive

    bought a new monitor

    I need a new monitor. As a neetcel I've had the same LG VGA monitor since 2007. My clumsy Dad knocked the power cable socket by by yanking my PC table 45 degrees in 2012 I think? It's got progressively worse and I have to adjust the cracking power cable 10 times each morning to get it to work...
  8. megadrive

    Looks Justin Bieber's wife has insane looks

    I believe they are married but didn't Bieber openly admit he wanted to bang Billie Eilish literally months into marrying Baldwin? Proof men obtaining younger, shinier ,newer women transcends any wealth they might have. Just ask any of Jeffrey Epstein customers................
  9. megadrive

    Rate This german boy

    The guy in the picture is a gay pedo........morphism type person :ROFLMAO...
  10. megadrive

    Looks Justin Bieber's wife has insane looks

    Wait she's "married" to the Bieb? They both look stiff and jaded. Expect a playground divorce soon. Source? Reading too many celebrity body language columns. Which were quite accurate in tracking trouble in paradise and subsequent splits.
  11. megadrive

    News Just came up with an insane idea to make $1k in a day

    How is the money transferred to your account? Be careful you don't get done for fraud or theft as you might get banned from PayPal or Ebay etc, among other businesses linked to financial transfer institutions.
  12. megadrive

    Spoiler I saw Gundam 0080

    Uh tell me about it. It's nice if you can find an anime to give you that dopamine rush. Anime was an amazing cope when I was a teen (as you well know) despite Japanese cartoons not being neurotypical or relatively popular or mainstream as they are now since the 2000s. I'm trying to get through...
  13. megadrive

    It's grey, windy and raining! Storm in full force with 55mph winds.

    🤟 Free ASMR all day and perfect weather for a neet.
  14. megadrive

    Rate me as an anime character

    No windows desktop option?
  15. megadrive

    Rate me as an anime character

    Is that an app? Link? edit- I'm not gay so I can't rate you whether in 2D or yaoi anime.
  16. megadrive

    who wants to write an essay for me

    I don't think mrz and boojies are the same user.
  17. megadrive

    Media The average anime cost $2 million to make

    The Lion King cost Disney $45 million to make in 1994 which is $78 million in today's money. It's hard to make a comparison since Disney switched to CGI or motion capture animation since Toy Story (1995) and phased out hand drawings. American TV shows cost so much as popular actresses and male...
  18. megadrive

    Looks Justin Bieber's wife has insane looks

    Foundation, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow,eye liner, fake tan, skin moisturiser, blonde hair dye, hair both pics There's more attention in the second pic and she had a trip to the clinic beforehand, maybe hit the gym to cut, laid off the calories got her PT involved...
  19. megadrive

    Media The average anime cost $2 million to make

    A lot of animation jobs are in China also. I learned of this when I learned who really made North Korean propoganda cartoons lol! A lot of Japanese anime has this "chinese art style and direction". edit- it's also the same with CGI animators, which are similar to animation and vice versa. I...
  20. megadrive

    Media The average anime cost $2 million to make

    Sorry on topic. $2 Million is pocket change tbh. I must be getting old as I baulked at Titanic costing $200 to make in 1997, which would be $323 million in today's money. Now films cost $400-$600 million to make give or take marketing.
  21. megadrive

    Media The average anime cost $2 million to make

    The conveyor belt that is standard education, is the same no matter what standardised country you live in- along with all the BS that went with it- whether Australia, America, Germany or Britain. You coup children up in close proximity in highly overcrowded classrooms like battery hens they'll...
  22. megadrive

    Looks Justin Bieber's wife has insane looks

    No make-up? She's wearing tons of the stuff!
  23. megadrive

    Blue Pill I'm going on a diet to lose bodyfat and (initially) slim up through diet, fasting and calorie skipping alone.

    Observation number 8. Exercise while fasting, dieting is a bad idea. Relapse and sugar carbohydrates cravings as a result So yesterday I was doing my usual Wake up pint of icy water/cup of tea/icy water wtih Vitamin tablet 1 egg omelette with tomato and onion. Light late afternoon lunch 12...
  24. megadrive

    Do i look pretty here? Taken last night.. ignore my boyfriend in the background lol..

    "ignore my boyfriend in the back" Ban op. This isn't your personal twitter or istagram for your attention whoring fix.
  25. megadrive

    Aspie Just be white and tall but with a twist of sorts

    Oldfag it was over long ago. His death certificate is so faded you can't even see the ink anymore.
  26. megadrive

    This song sounds misogynistic

    While I am anti- jew world order, I am for the pro-militarisation of society for this exact reason.
  27. megadrive

    I hate edgylords.

    Incel forums.
  28. megadrive

    This song sounds misogynistic

    I live in social housing and had to make exaggerated noise complaints to the housing agency to tell the chavs downstairs to turn that crap off. I said the lyrics about gang violence were setting off my social anxiety. A happy ending the girl playing it got evicted as she wasn't even meant to be...