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  1. Saya

    Summertime ended 3 days ago (22/09/2020)

    How come that twinky subhuman banging a hot jb
  2. Saya


    Didn't understand a single word
  3. Saya

    Media The average anime cost $2 million to make

    At Least I Don't Make Society Degenerate With Child Porn And Provide Fap Material For Pedo Manchilds With A Neckbeard
  4. Saya

    Media The average anime cost $2 million to make

    I Could Double This Easily On Stocks If They Give It To Me Instead
  5. Saya

    bought a new monitor

    Looks good for a budget monitor if you don't mind high latency of 4ms and 75hz It is a IPS Panel Fortunately
  6. Saya

    bought a new monitor

    Brand and model
  7. Saya

    Most nt member?

    It is better to be non-nt
  8. Saya

    Rate this 6'3 guy

    Petite Twinky JewB
  9. Saya

    Looks Justin Bieber's wife has insane looks

    She Has UEE = Massive Death Sentence
  10. Saya

    things i search on google

    How To Get Laid As a Fat Oinky :datalol:
  11. Saya

    Just took this pic! Having a bad hair day but would you consider me attractive?

    I Wouldn't If I'm Being Honest
  12. Saya

    Everytime I coom I feel really stupid

    While cumming you get huge dopamine spike but shortly after it drops quickly, it drops even below the natural state
  13. Saya

    wich one of theam is ur looks

    Obv if your jaw ain't at least %90 of your cheekbone width it's gg :datalol: :cage: :goodfellas: :spew: :tyson:
  14. Saya

    wich one of theam is ur looks

    Mine is 3.6 and it's not so tall This is what a short midface looks like incase you don't know Looks like he has a brutal syndrome The taller your lower third = The more respect you will get from people
  15. Saya

    wich one of theam is ur looks

    Your Chin can never be too big What are the measurement Also short midface looks deformed but it won't look good if you only have it tall and short others either It's all relative but jfl at you thinking short lower third is ideal Tall lower third = chad with no doubt :datalol: :datalol:
  16. Saya

    wich one of theam is ur looks

    Tall forehead, medium to tall midface and utter gigatall lower third is ideal
  17. Saya

    most female super models aren't that appealing

    Yeah Legit Thread Chico = Invisible Random Tiktok Guy = Mogger
  18. Saya

    wich one of theam is ur looks

    I have short midface, medium lower third and medium to tall forehead My fingers are like same height
  19. Saya

    I saw a shoujo anime

  20. Saya

    My professor is a jerk

    If You Payed Me The 6K USD I Would Teach You How To Be Low Inhib
  21. Saya

    Vaginas Are Disgusting (NSFW)

    I Click To Every Porn Spoiler Out Of Curiosity Anyways
  22. Saya

    I saw a shoujo anime

    You Know it is over when even animes start to aim for girls
  23. Saya

    Yesterday was really good

    Didn't you play with your poor orbiter?
  24. Saya

    Rate me in new pic, ignore haircut XDD

    You indeed is mogger bro You can slay in areas which ain't kike infested
  25. Saya

    reading is so hard

    Chad Finishes a Book Every Week
  26. Saya

    I obtained an orbitter

    Ask for a photo so I can cage like the chad I am
  27. Saya

    Rate my girlfriend ITT!!

    we have been together for almost 3 years now. It feels so wonderful to love someone for this long, and I'm looking forward to many more years with her :love: From the first moment I saw her I knew that I want to be with her forever. I'm so glad to be with her
  28. Saya

    Rate me in new pic, ignore haircut XDD

    Why don't you ride his cock already son :datalol: :cage: :goodfellas: :tyson:
  29. Saya

    One More Class

    Keep studycelling so you can workcel to make a jew businessman richer faggot
  30. Saya

    i rarely ever do homework

    I didn't give a single shit got below passing grade and teachers let me pass cuz dark triad badboy :devilish: