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  1. skinnyfaggot

    occipital bun prominence is all that matters

    don’t even try to tell me that every women on the planet doesn’t find this man attractive
  2. skinnyfaggot

    Theory new theory

  3. skinnyfaggot

    Am I actually gay?

    hop into my pms and youll find out big boy ;)
  4. skinnyfaggot

    just pirated cod black ops

    forgot how fun zombies was in this game, especially playing with friends
  5. skinnyfaggot

    just got home from work

  6. skinnyfaggot

    pretty boy

    if you edit any more of my threads Im gonna fuck the shit out of you (in the nicest wau possible) ;)
  7. skinnyfaggot

    It’s weird to think about

    any boyfriend I’ll ever get that’s near my looks match will constantly be hit on by other guys. if something goes wrong with my current boyfriend in relation to her promiscuity I’m gonna go mgtow and just fuck and dump men for the rest of my prime years
  8. skinnyfaggot

    I’m promise I’m not gay

    contrary to how it may look
  9. skinnyfaggot

    my dad is making me wash our windows

    what I get for learning a moderately useful skill lol
  10. skinnyfaggot

    I have a nude vault

    from all the girls Ive sexted in my life. my naked body is probably floating around the internet at this point but oh well. I feel bad looking at them sometimes but in reality its no worse than porn, probably better
  11. skinnyfaggot

    I tried xanax

    and even after taking a 1 mg dose I feel myself badly wanting to take it again. the peace of mind I got on it is extremely addicting I feel. anyone else ever tried it?
  12. skinnyfaggot

    I hate medium shirts

    theirs always some part of them that fits weird on me. usually the back and shoulders are tight and the arms and chest are loose is usually how it is for me. larger looser shirts just look better imo
  13. skinnyfaggot

    god is good

    work got cancelled because of rain let’s fucking goooo
  14. skinnyfaggot

    fuck me bro

    I look at the schedule for window washing tomorrow and Im gonna be washing my exes parents' windows jfl. its gonna make for a really awkward time especially if she is there, but Im pretty sure shes at school
  15. skinnyfaggot

    I have the worst genes for building muscle

    I have an extremely fast metabolism, probably never been over 15% body fat in my life and can eat 3000+ calories a day without gaining weight at only 145 pounds. Also my digestion is really bad, so I couldn’t eat a lot to gain weight if I tried, it’d just be too miserable. It’s truly over. I’m a...
  16. skinnyfaggot

    functional exercises are legit

    Ive been doing shit like farmers carries and boulder lifts in my back yard and I can feel my traps and forearms getting much stronger
  17. skinnyfaggot

    rice purity test

    whatd you guys get on it? I got a 50
  18. skinnyfaggot

    me and my gf are thinking about making a porno

    do you guys think itd be successful?
  19. skinnyfaggot

    shift being back

    raises my cortisol to insane levels
  20. skinnyfaggot

    Im gonna go buy some drugs rn

    shrooms and xanax
  21. skinnyfaggot

    my gf keeps telling me how guys are asking for her number at work

    idk if she’s trying to communicate that she’s higher value or something or that she’s loyal. maybe I should just drop the bomb of how many girls approached me and asked me for my number over the summer
  22. skinnyfaggot

    anyone else have a biblical name?

    I honestly think theyre kind of cool. they give off or more rugged outdoorsy vibe even if they are jewish
  23. skinnyfaggot

    I have a predicament

    I returned to my old window washing job today, and I worked with this one co worker who also happened to be mormon, but also likes drugs. Idk how he reconciles this with his religious views, but anyways I told him that Ive done shrooms and acid before and he asks me if I'd be able to get him...
  24. skinnyfaggot

    tf does it even mean to be pinkpilled

    Im joining the group for it unknowing of what it is
  25. skinnyfaggot

    approaching is cope

    women will make it known to you if youre attractive enough for them. theres nothing to lose from trying it, but success is going to be very low
  26. skinnyfaggot

    why are there options to show

    your birthdate and social media on the account settings lol. that’s pretty much asking to get yourself doxxed and your life ruined if you ever put those in
  27. skinnyfaggot

    I grew out my mustache

    holy shit, its made me undeniably psl 9+. every stacy in a 1 mile radius approaches me and immediately asks me to have sex with them, even the older ones
  28. skinnyfaggot

    my parents pushed me into getting another job

    it’s annoying as hell. they always ask me why they never see me during the day or why I don’t hang out with my brothers or teach them how to play tennis, an example from today, when school and my gf occupy most of my time rn. now they’re literally not gonna see me now that I’m gonna be working...
  29. skinnyfaggot

    my questions is

    why do girls approach me in public while I’m wearing a mask. isn’t it kinda hard to tell how good I look when half my face is covered? maybe it’s my shining personality and they can sense it
  30. skinnyfaggot

    I have another confession...

    this has all been a larp... this is a pretty boy alt