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    Parties are only fun if you know some people there. Or if there is a gig happening I went to the party of a friend of a friend with my best friend. And I tried to enjoy myself but during the whole thing I thought ' It would've been better if we were just hanging out together instead '
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    Blue Pill Money

    Humans are such slimy pieces of shit The way they treat you does a complete 180 when they find out you're rich. They base their initial opinion of you on how you look and carry yourself but I've seen this change of attitude happen too many times to see how money hungry the average person is...
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    Would you take your wife's last name

    I would keep mine unless her last name was something super cool
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    Fat acceptance

    I hate this toxic positivity wave in the West. No brainer, fat kids whose obesity is often the result of natal diseases or their parents being terrible at feeding them healthily shouldn't get bullied in school. However we need to stop giving grown ass adults platitudes about how they're perfect...
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    Whenever someone says Stacy, this is what I think of She looks like this Her personality and people's perception of her is like this
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    2D slayer
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    Hybristophilia is the mental illness of people wanting to fuck killers, e.g. the fangirls of Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, the Columbine shooters You see people bring this up time and time again as an argument for the psychopathic side of the Dark Triad Theory. Which is nonsense because no amount...
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    IQ eugenics

    We need more geniuses. Intelligence is 50% inherited. Genes of men with higher than average IQ ( only 1-2% of the population ) should be passed on as much as possible. Ideally they should breed with women who have higher than average IQ, or at least average. But lower than average IQ women...
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    - Cortisol causes changes to the proteins in your skin and reduces its elasticity. This loss of elasticity can contribute to wrinkle formation. Stress may also lead to repeated furrowing of your brow that may also contribute to the formation of wrinkles. - Stress induced inflammation and...
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    Physical effects of testosterone: - More facial angularity, resulting in more square jaws, flatter mandible base, longer chin, prominent browridge (therefore deeper set eyes) - Hollower cheeks, as less facial fat is stored between the zygoma and mandible - Lower upper orbital bone, resulting in...
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    Oxytocin has been called "the cuddle hormone" or "the love hormone" due to its association with pair bonding. It appears to help reinforce the early attachment between mothers and their infants, as well as the bonds between romantic partners. It’s the peace, love and anti-aging hormone. If...
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    Old simps

    When you go through the comments of big booty IG thots' posts, there are a lot of married boomer men with kids who simp for them. Their profiles aren't private so I've seen a lot of them have their family following them. Disgraceful
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    Korea is very Black Pilled

    No one's given Blue Pilled platitudes like fat acceptance and the 'Your perfect the way you are' cope in the West. People put a lot of effort into looking good. Some of there beauty standards are weird though Taking a walk around the metropolitan areas of Seoul, a lot of people around 25 - 30...
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    Tyrone and Chang

    Talking as someone who talks to multiple women more frequently than most of you do You deny the Black Pill by not acknowledging the reality that women have different types they find attractive. The objective sense of good looks mostly boil down to bones that anyone can have. Coloring, pheno...
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    Dating apps suck

    I mostly only find women that want to pump and dump me. I hate ONS A lot of these girls around my age on Tinder are libfem SJW's. Instant turn off
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    Nose jobs

    As long as they don't botch it. With most cases of rhinoplasty, it's a looks booster. Makes almost anyone go from average to above average. I am considering it
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    Black Pill E-girls & streamer Hasanabi

    He's almost as much of a slayer as me
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    Which hair colors here are your favorite?

    I like 000 001 002 003 010 018 020 021 024 028
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    Justin Whang

    Underrated Chad
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    Hadid siblings

    Some people talk a lot of shit about Gigi and Bella because they became high profile models thanks to family connections. I think they are GL but they don't have the charisma Their brother is the underrated looker
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    I'm jelly she's dating this bloke

    Yeah he's a billionaire, blah blah blah. This old STEMcel met my queen Grimes by shitposting on Twitter. I will never have this