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  1. boba tea

    this is such a cliche soy thing to say, but I honestly don't even want sex, just love.

    Boost your happy hormones dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins
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    The gaming center I've been frequenting lately is Western, it's alright. The ones in Japan really are on a different level though
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    My best friend, no
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    Life of a soyboy normie

    I hate most rich people
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    It wasn't that bad but it would've been a more fun night if we went to a gaming center with my friend I find it easier to hang out with people in places like that
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    Life of a soyboy normie

    That's your priority but there are also a lot of normies who have different goals
  7. boba tea

    pretty boy

    I ship this
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    You're gay.

    Yeah I love it
  9. boba tea

    Looksmax Despite starving myself for another week I only lost 1.1kg of bodyfat.

    It will get easier over time
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    This man keeps it real

    This man keeps it real
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    Life of a soyboy normie

    Mogs the average normie's willpower
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    Keep coping that height matters

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    Parties are only fun if you know some people there. Or if there is a gig happening I went to the party of a friend of a friend with my best friend. And I tried to enjoy myself but during the whole thing I thought ' It would've been better if we were just hanging out together instead '
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    blackpill scholar is tougher than undisputed

    Two failures
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    i fotgot how much i was adcited to kfc

    They want you to be addicted
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    winter is creeping back in

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    I was rejected by my therapist

    At least he was straight up with you. It took me 5 therapists to find the one that helped me I didn't tell him to get therapy because he's incel. He was crazy Being blackpilled isn't something to see a therapist over. But it can improve your quality of life if you have mental illnesses. Or...
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    what is your

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    Blue Pill Money

    Humans are such slimy pieces of shit The way they treat you does a complete 180 when they find out you're rich. They base their initial opinion of you on how you look and carry yourself but I've seen this change of attitude happen too many times to see how money hungry the average person is...
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    Cope CityPop in English?

    Who are your favorites in J-pop ?
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    I feel so old being 25

    All living beings are driven by their instinct to survive and reproduce, most people's lives are empty
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    I feel so old being 25

    Straight people who sincerely hate the other gender as a whole are GTOW
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    look what happened here

    Let this be the excuse after a 300 lb ex inmate taps your crusty ass and you get a heart attack
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    Would you take your wife's last name

    I'm adopted
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    Are you John Podesta

    Are you John Podesta
  26. boba tea

    Would you take your wife's last name

    I would keep mine unless her last name was something super cool
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    Aspie I just thought of an idea to jestermaxx. Opinions?

    Brutal brutal - vocal pill