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  1. Looks Haver

    coming to terms with being etchik coming out feal thread

    tbh i lived all my lifes bulinvg i was white like hispanics for example i even indfiy my self as white natlits for a while any way geitng my ididy chrushed was hard but adelst it was in a moment on my life whean i was meking a swith to a dfrinet few of a world but it still hurst
  2. Looks Haver

    man in reotonships coom by porn wvahting more frequnlty then single man

    postive feed bakc loop of cooming get it roling
  3. Looks Haver

    wcahitng old pron movies theorhy

    woman where gl back thean crazy shit dude they look mor elike the incenst asian porn femles thean trash backs now
  4. Looks Haver

    for real dwag

    i aint going no whaer i wd trade my 7 psl handsome plhlitrum for avg antetion span
  5. Looks Haver

    incel motvation

    rabti took a shocrtuc to geting laid took drugss drunked alochcol somekd cirgartes was bron with big brain so he culd apsob the stres and still rusthesly moged brain maxing turtle but years pased rabit started to geting wirnkes from incresed vacslike constrction incel trutle never stoped...
  6. Looks Haver

    waht i relised aboute looks is

    what i relised is factor as imprant as brain ratio is aslo nose lgehnt to brain leghnt ratio this will get big in psl after 4000 years when the rest of the sheep with cath up to me
  7. Looks Haver


    im still 100 yo to young to try to focus i was bron with escply saml brain it will take ages to brian ratio max to avg person i dont know man how im spedus to rember this shit shud i just read this shit over and over like a monkey i never forced my slef to lern somehting evrything i know i...
  8. Looks Haver

    i dont know what i was thig downloidng barloods gate 3

    got bored on game intro fast unital
  9. Looks Haver

    fredom fighter news

    denamark pased a law a forcyble vacynation newet who number corno numbers moritly for evry one under 80 lower thean flue youtube to ban evry covid vidoe againts who """"""consuesnus"""""""
  10. Looks Haver

    i told my mom many times to sotp co,emoitmg om my looks

    i dont nead her to inform me aboute my evry skin brake outor bloat increse like an iphone app i spend ineuch time cotemlping it on my own
  11. Looks Haver

    i have exprinced lots of looks reltred stuf postive and nagtive

    i was hated and bulied bcs of my looks but i was aslo loved and amdired bcs of my looks i have polirsing looks its not a lie i have so msuch shit haopneds to me that no of u even bulives like a case a trow a apper with i will fuck u on it on a gril and she came back to me and sad to fcuk her...
  12. Looks Haver

    i now know how woman feal

    woman are so fucking ugly dude now i understand that real chik indeed is above avg
  13. Looks Haver

    hate that gay shit

    im so tierd of being sexles vring some one gota finlt step up to the chalnge
  14. Looks Haver

    stoping study celing for today

    gona make 1 mroe test and chil out with balroods agtes 3 that i m downloing to the end of day and go sleper
  15. Looks Haver

    pos theam mems like that

  16. Looks Haver

    the guy thaht shook poland to its core

    polad incel forum experment that went on mainstream tv
  17. Looks Haver

    liberal WAKE UP

    first they told u guys are cool guy and its not ur busine waht they do in they bedrooms so they go on streat naked and but fuck there butt they wont go for yur chilindre trans reding houer liber wake up then they told yo chek out this abortion busien iszt it hip and cool xD we totly wont...
  18. Looks Haver

    im indeed of a body of a femle that is big tited flath smtouchekd and nice aced cute faced small faced big brained big brain ratio long nice legs and

    body prefebly my hieghy :kick::kick::kick::kick::kick::kick: @Gerald Wolff
  19. Looks Haver

    Chek This out 2.w

  20. Looks Haver

    Potatos And egs is jsut ideal tatete comonbo

    Trust me Mashed potato nad eg suny sieeede up Or potatos fried with srcamble egs and cheze Try it incel
  21. Looks Haver

    Baby i mis u

    Come home diner is rdy
  22. Looks Haver

    im the living the proof of rapdily decresing iq chek this out

    im 4 day trhting to slove basick phsicsk stuf hihgschool lvl vs Admiral David Farragut entered the U.S. Navy at age 9 and just two years later served in the War of 1812. By the time he was 12, he had risen to the rank of prize master, the officer in charge of captured ships.
  23. Looks Haver

    rate this crow iq

    mvp what are ur thouts
  24. Looks Haver

    I dint knoe how my iq is so.hihg yet i cznt do anythong or slove anything

    Im definlty sepcial in many ways Mama was right
  25. Looks Haver

    Fat moment

    Eten all3the potots my my boiled for me her self and grama my Only thotu was i think there is a lilt bit more thean usual
  26. Looks Haver

    i will tell u somthing abute polish incel forums

    its all aboute cryaing aboute black haired foringer hunks slaying whoes while ur a bald sub male and its over
  27. Looks Haver

    tbh im a man among boys

    the difnce betwean me and other man my age is cople kg of free t and dht
  28. Looks Haver

    tomorow living houses

    again gogin for more books from liblery i culd feal the woman wokring there was giving me strong ios today thure the mask who knows mby im gona ask her out
  29. Looks Haver

    i wokrk 3 day at basick hihgscool phisc task

    just fucking end me
  30. Looks Haver

    woman are evolving in to demons in real time