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  1. dsar9012

    Cope Black Friday sales are terrible in Australia

    They always hype them up in America, but the sales prices in Australia are pretty crap, I checked on the 144hz samsung monitor I bought a few months ago for $240 and its on "sale" for $269. Most games except unwanted trash like Anthem are barely cheaper than they were before and controllers and...
  2. dsar9012

    Aspie Is this the most soy Asian ever?

  3. dsar9012

    Aspie Jews fear anime avatars
  4. dsar9012

    Story I think you gotta be a pscyopath to fit into society

    Maybe its just my inceldom but I know I don't fit into society and it must be because most normies are psyhopaths from what I have seen. I never seen any evidence that so called normal people have emapthy or concious its just useless virtual signalling for them, maybe it is just evil modern...
  5. dsar9012

    Cope I want to get into WoW

    It seems like it used to be a major cope for incel nerds probably ten or more years ago, I bought a digital version of the game for about $5 in early 2014 and played the starting zone for a bit and really enjoyed it for a short while, but then my grandfather died shortly after and I went off...
  6. dsar9012

    Rage Bluestacks app is fucking garbage

    Downloaded this shitty app which was supposed to emulate android so I could use snapchat to message with sluts on reddit, but didnt work both times, fucking shitty app, for the best anyway, should start nofap soon, I am cooming to much lately to sluts on reddit, but they are all wanting money...
  7. dsar9012

    Blue Pill I almost sent money to a femoid on paypal

    I was talking to this German stacy on reddit and other women in my coonmer mood and fapping to her and chatting with her on reddit. Then she told me she will let me see her finger her pussy and suck dildo if I paypal her she wanted 100 euro, I only have 140 aus dollars in paypal from selling...
  8. dsar9012

    Cope Had a weird dream the other day that made me more depressed

    I was dreaming that in a city that incel population was segregated from normies, like there was an incel only part of the city (major city, nameless though not based on real life city) and a normie part with normie men and all women, but the incel population was really big like almost half of...
  9. dsar9012

    Cope I'm pretty interested in getting this deal

    $33 a month, is not bad, I think I can scrape that much together by doing those stupid online surveys you can earn some money maybe a hour per day or two and get enough money every month, major problem is it is with telstra who are kind of shit internet/telephone providers, but my parents have a...
  10. dsar9012

    Black Pill When you're an incel, even looking at women is considered a bad thing, especially if you look at their sexy bodies

    I know I seen many women that glare at me anytime I look at their bodies, but the experience I had the other day was a bit extreme, I was walking around my suburban neighborhood where many Stacies like to walk, and upon walkiing behind a MILF with a nice jiggly PAWG ass in yoga pants, after I...
  11. dsar9012

    Aspie Any incels know what happened to Nathan Larson?

    Been a long time since his site rgif was shut down and not sure if he rope or it was shut down by cucked law enforcement, I know he always said he would rope, but hope he would chicken out of it haven't seen him in the incelosphere since that site shut down so not sure what happened, even though...