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  1. dsar9012

    Low PSL foid curved me and has a boyfriend hypergamy is brutal

    She looks ugly imo
  2. dsar9012

    incel went joker mode

    Better than that cringy jewtube video.
  3. dsar9012

    If ur truly good-looking ur girl won’t get mad at u

    And ofc, its a ps5, the soycuck console of choice.
  4. dsar9012

    I am too lazy to play poe

    I wish path of exile worked for me, but stupid fucking servers keep shutting down and I can't even finish first area. It was a fun game, what little I played.
  5. dsar9012

    Cope Black Friday sales are terrible in Australia

    They even infest survey sites now, like it wasn't bad enough giving you 2 or 3 dollars for a boring 20 or 30 minute survey, they gotta rip me off by not letting me have the money I'm owed and using any bullshit excuse to shut my accounts down, fucking kike scum. They can't even let an incel have...
  6. dsar9012

    Cope Black Friday sales are terrible in Australia

    Jew pricks banned my pureprofile account because I tried logging into it from library and they have some bullshit rule about not using different accounts or IP adress or some bullshit and closed my account, I had 35 dollars in that account, what a waste of time, still expecting 50 dollars worth...
  7. dsar9012

    I’ve lost all my friends and my life is bad

  8. dsar9012

    PS5 is 47% more powerful than xbox series X
  9. dsar9012

    PS5 is 47% more powerful than xbox series X

    You're on my ignore list, but I'll respond, Sony ps5 is far less powerful than xbox series x but they overclocked the console, because they were scared of xbox destroying them in comparison videos of the same games, that is why there are so many stories of ps5s overheating and dying already, all...
  10. dsar9012

    Rate this couple.

    Let me guess, he's one of these 18 yr old shitskin "ethnics" who thinks he's incel because he doesn't date models lol, lot of those types at Oh, before I forget, he's like one of these guys who called into Steve Hocas livestream who admitted he never left his mothers basement when he...
  11. dsar9012

    I was driving my subaru last night

  12. dsar9012

    My thanksgivimg

    Happy Thansgiving, I'm interested in hearing what @Mafia did, because he always posts stories about his food I'm suprised he hasn't made a Thansgiving post yet, Neither do we in Australia, we do get black friday sales which I believe are the day after Thanksgiving, but they're pretty bad...
  13. dsar9012

    Rate This Tyrone

    You're saying this is Shift?
  14. dsar9012

    What if i told you guys...

    Sounds like the Chinese restaurants in your area suck, I like some Chinese food, mainly plum sauce chicken, I eat it with bread though not rice, the fried rice is always a rip off. Its too expensive in general though, so I very rarely order it. My mother makes really good Asian food just using...
  15. dsar9012

    Fuck Cant cope nor being in american

    America has great black friday sales, its wierd how America still has so much money and resources to consoome pointless items, while supporting hordes of mostly useless niggers, I guess that is why they have so much debt.
  16. dsar9012

    As if Tyrone would be using Ubuntu

    I think 4chan has a cuck fetish they are obsessed with Tyrone and white women and interracial porn in general, especially blacked, really creepy guys. I stopped posting on 4chan, it's so disgusting now, lot of trannies and fags now there too.
  17. dsar9012

    did you post on sluthate or puahate?

  18. dsar9012

    Cope Black Friday sales are terrible in Australia

    I found another survey site I will try out called It has wow game time cards as well as xbox store credit and other gift cards. Will see if it is any decent, they say you can earn points playing games and watching videos might be bullshit idk. I tried wow and it is...
  19. dsar9012

    Australia beach perverts.

    Cuckstralian whore mentality, they think they can dress like complete whores and get upset if non Chads dare to stare at them.
  20. dsar9012

    Soon i will be 22

    It is what it is buddy boy, learn to cope, I've got a decade of rotting on you, and I still am living, it's a meaningless life, but what you gonna do, if you're an incel you'll never live a fullfilling life, so just got to find copes to pass the time.
  21. dsar9012

    Australia beach perverts.

    Australia is giga cucked, so I'm not surprised this happens here, can't do anything fun without being arrested.
  22. dsar9012

    another cryptoboom

    I thought bitcoin was gonna pummet when it was 10 000, now its doubled what price it used too be. Crazy. I wish I got into it.
  23. dsar9012

    one of the reasons i have a female brain

    Can't disagree with this one tbh.
  24. dsar9012

    i understood its necessary to be fake irl

    Thats cowardly, I'm always honest, if my family asks my opinion on women and ethnics I tell them the truth, they think I'm a Nazi, not that they're wrong. I never lie, maybe why I cannot fit into neurotypical society.
  25. dsar9012

    Does anyone else fee lethargic all day

    Some days, today and yesterday I did, the day before I felt very high energy and worked hard, I didn't do hardly any work today and yesterday, I will work harder later when its less hot.
  26. dsar9012

    Cope Black Friday sales are terrible in Australia

    They always hype them up in America, but the sales prices in Australia are pretty crap, I checked on the 144hz samsung monitor I bought a few months ago for $240 and its on "sale" for $269. Most games except unwanted trash like Anthem are barely cheaper than they were before and controllers and...
  27. dsar9012

    Favourite Zelda game?

    I don't like 3d zeldas, I mainly like 2d ones so I say link to the past on SNES. I have yet to play Minnish Cap so that may beat it.
  28. dsar9012

    Rate the frauding is so obv

    All asian women looks fraud.
  29. dsar9012

    The incel to trans pipeline is real

    incels are not normies.