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  1. pretty_boy

    Saya claims to be a moneymaxer

    when that shitskin turkroach nigger doesn't even have a penny to his name :tyson:
  2. pretty_boy

    I knew a girl who had blonde hair but dyed it black

    to look more ethnic (she was an sjw) and this girl was a legit giga stacey — very forward grown face, fierce eyes, very symetrical, thin but still had a nice ass and boobs (extremely rare). this is I cage when ppl say far left wing girls are ugly and fat. just lol.
  3. pretty_boy

    if I was a teacher and had a student who kept misbehaving

    I'd fuck his mom
  4. pretty_boy

    everyone makes fun of those old boomer guys that date Thai women

    but think about it let's say your 60, divorced. do u really wanna date other 60 year old divorced women? the youngest women you could possible get is like maybe 45 at best. so maybe as well just Thai max for some desperate women. higher quality of life guaranteed, as oppose to being single...
  5. pretty_boy

    if you're really into other races of women

    then that means you actually hate being your own race, and this is true like 97% of the time. Black men that date white women actually hate being black. ppl will disagree with me and say they prob dont care but they do deep down, they pyt up a front that they'r proud to be black but thats just...
  6. pretty_boy

    the funniest thread ever written

    Went for my morning stroll and to get my coffee. Counted 5 iois :lol: Dressed in joggers and a t shirt and hair still wet. Two girls were walking their dog and stared at me mutually with those "omg he's so hot, fuck me" eyes. They were decent looking too. I told them "morning" with my dom BBC...
  7. pretty_boy

    one of my friends is mad at me

    i work with 2 friends on math homework, and we split assignments, and he does most of the work i don't do shit. so he is mad for having to carry me. he didn't tell me though, he told my other friend, and then he told me. the funny thing is on the most recent on i came up with similar steps for...
  8. pretty_boy

    face feels long

    i tried measuring it by taking a photo and using tools and it seems fine. i also put my face on face rating apps and it says my proprotions are fine. but on online lecs it feels too long, and longer than other heads (but every1 is asian and they have wide faces so maybe)
  9. pretty_boy

    why do Chinese men even bother immigrating to USA/Canada

    do they realize how much worse they're making it for themselves? what's their to gain anyways. if you move to any major city best beleive your now competing with white men, and a white 4/10 can mog 90% of Asian guys. the Asian girls in Canada, a lot of them are nice and normal but theres def...
  10. pretty_boy

    I would rather die than

    finish my cryptography report ffs
  11. pretty_boy

    News YouTube to begin allowing porn on the site starting 2021

  12. pretty_boy

    women on welfare should have IUDs inserted into them

    not all cases of welfare, but you know what I mean
  13. pretty_boy

    Rate this half swed half Jap girl

  14. pretty_boy

    rate the new sig

  15. pretty_boy

    geez 100+ cases of cheating on a math exam

    prof was able to confirm it all through a trap on Chegg. he's also recommending the dean to expell everyone of them
  16. pretty_boy

    my laptop battery use to be insane

    10 HOUR BATTERY. could run it all day at school and itd still have power. now shit drains after like 5h its been perhaps 3.4 years
  17. pretty_boy

    LOL Girl Defined "6 Guys You Shouldn't Date, Court, or Marry"

    lol This video got a lot of hate, this vid with 2 guys making fun of it got 24M videos, these two girls have received a lot of hate here's the vid the 6 guys Mr, Talk: somoene who is really good with words but all bullshit Mr. Anger: anger issues Mr. Struggle: someone who is struggles a lot...
  18. pretty_boy

    this is the cringiest thing i ever seen

    still funny though. the tall guy (who lost), was actually better, but had confidence issues. brutal when asked everyone who won no one said him. I can tell the blonde kid is someone who effortlessly flies by in life and is popular etc., while the tall guy works hard but doesnt beleive in...
  19. pretty_boy

    blasian people literally just look black

    dark skin and curly hair always overpower, and African people similar facial characteristics to Asians (like small eyes/mono lid, large cheekbones, flat nose). So the only thing Asians do is make them a bit lighter.
  20. pretty_boy

    if you're born with top 1% looks

    then one problem is that you'd feel like your dumpster diving of your gf wasn't too 1% in looks too. so then ur amount of datable ppl goes down to 1%
  21. pretty_boy

    nothing is more cringe than

    people who post their tinder convos being like "omg guys check out this funny joke i made!!! and she laughed!!!", and people who enjoy reading that. if ur posting convos that show off how much of a slayer you are then thats cool, but anything else is just glorifying regular interaction with...
  22. pretty_boy

    getting picked for a job interview is all about luck, even ur skills don't matter that much

    my friend got picked for an interview at Qualcomm (CPU company) despite not being in engineering they asked him during the interview stuff and he had no idea, so then they were like "do you know anything about computer engineering? why'd you apply for the job" and he was like "idk, you listed...
  23. pretty_boy

    ive been attempting the same level of botw for almost 2 weeks

    i end up dying halfway, and it takes like 40min to get halfway. i do one attempt a day since it's too exhausting to start over on the same day
  24. pretty_boy

    gonna make a series of 50 threads

    detailing the black pill and every element of it. this will be the first in the set of 10. will be repackwged at the end into a book which you can buy for $49.99, or on audible (voiced by @Tsunayoshi Sawada)
  25. pretty_boy

    just lol at this jb slayer

  26. pretty_boy

    nothing worst that you lower eyelid not reaching your pupil

    will look permanently submissive
  27. pretty_boy

    55 inch 4K tv on sale as a grocery store in Canada for 200USD

    273 CAD, pre built Roku or Android TV if only I had my own place to justify such a purchase. I wish I could buy this and hang it in my room so I wouldn't have to go downstairs to play video games, and I could watch tv in bed but then I'd be an even bigger rotter than I am now. not to mention...
  28. pretty_boy


    @neuron can u go back to larping as big masc guy? was more fun back then
  29. pretty_boy

    I'm so bored

    I can't play video games or watch stuff without feeling guilty since I have a massive project due in 5 days. but I have such a hard time motivating myself to do work well before the deadline.
  30. pretty_boy

    all the fobs in online school are cheating

    and when I say that I don't just mean they're sneaking peaks of their notes during a closed book exam, but they're Infact sending pics of the exam to some PhD to solve them and then send it back, then they share it among themselves one of the ta said in privat it was pretty obvious given the...