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    what has everyone been up to
  2. summer

    seeing my superstar therapist again

    i thought i hit rock bottom in 2015 when i didn’t hangout with anyone for a month. now i know im beyond that point, and im folding i met a therapist in 2017 who would meet me at my house because she was still in university so she wasnt licensed, but shes in her 40’s so she has life experience...
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    favorite song rn

    share ur fav song
  4. summer

    Whats everyone doing in life

    What you doing? work or school? what is ur major if ur in school? i need direction and ideas on what to do.
  5. summer

    might possibly be the stupidest person on earth

    my intelligence is on the same level of a starving syrian child who is illiterate i cant even simply play the piano Ffs arent autistic people supoosed to be good at something? or have some weird hobby? why cant i be good at ANYTHING? i have no hand eye coordination its so dumb
  6. summer

    The world ended months ago

    Months ago around like June-September the world ended. It officially stopped in November. 2021 isn’t real the world is gone as we know it!!!!!
  7. summer

    Bluepill idea I have for you all

    I am going to start doing at least 3 positive things to better myself and life everyday. Rather rotting and planning to do good things but never doing them. I’m gonna set a goal for 3 a day. Big or small, just good positive things. Today so far I’ve bought something that I’ve been meaning to...
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    p Dont have anything to say. deeepling frustrrayed regarging the terms of events
  9. summer

    user summer gross life update 3/6/21

    I threw up all over my bed this morning. I have like 7 blankets and they all had puke on them. This is including my sheets and mattress pad. I was like half asleep so I was a bit confused... I’m wageslaving rn and trying to not bleed through my leggings
  10. summer

    what kind of water do you drink?

    i drink out of plastic bottles, id like to switch over to filtered tap water to save money but i’m not sure which water filter is good. i heard its smart to google what dirty gross particles are in ur area’s water supply and get a filter specifically to combat those particles. i also heard...
  11. summer

    lets play a game

    what game do u guys wanna play lmk
  12. summer

    can i haz namechange

    name hang lleas e
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    hi guys whats up today

    what are your plans
  14. summer


    whats everyone doing whats everyone feeling like where do you guys fall on the pain scale today. ignore the blurry google image stuff um
  15. summer

    Dad got L’d by woman driver

    Yesterday my father got in his first car accident of his 55 year old life, at the hands of a woman driver It was a snowy 6 AM morning and he was leaving for work and he was about 5 minutes from our house as he was turning at a light, some woman went straight into him. He tried to swerve her but...
  16. summer

    tell me about your day

    what did you do today :) what do you want to do :) what are you feeling like :) what is the plan for tomorrow?
  17. summer

    anyone wanna start a book club

    i want to start a book club. lets read together guys! what should we read?
  18. summer

    i made a guy go gay

    ive been on and off with someone for 2 years. i introduced him to my bi friend (whos a boy) a few months ago. my bi friend and him secrely started flirting and talking. so the guy broke up with me in an extremely harsh and cold-hearted way, which he’s done b4, but im subhuman so i stay (he broke...