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  1. Mafia

    Gaming This image is why I preordered a Switch

    I never really was into hentai but I love girls with that bodytype who post with new iPhones just like that. So I wanted to play the Fire Emblem game. I don't know anything about it. But apparently there are these factions and you get to send out soldiers to battle and you pick who you send to...
  2. Mafia

    Gaming Consoles suck

    PC is way better. I doubt I'll ever get another. They take up too much space and I didn't realize how important mods were until I came back to New Vegas on Xbox after playing PC. When you look down you can't see your legs, the Pip-Boy light is almost useless compared to my magnified one, and...
  3. Mafia

    I walked to the European market

    It's a really nice place. Almost everything packaged is imported from Europe and what isn't is at least organic. They play music in there that I'd have no hope of ever identifying what language they're singing in. I went there to get nuts and granola. I got walnuts, cashews (unsalted), and...
  4. Mafia

    Is this where they sell the edibles?

  5. Mafia

    Men who wear skirts

    As a man have you ever worn a skirt? - Quora The pictures are horrifying so I won't be linking. If you wish you may click the link to see the skirt advocates.
  6. Mafia

    No Grains

    Yup it's that time again. I did it last summer. I'm doing it again. No bread, no rice. I guess I'm going to need some lettuce to wrap my chicken in, elf style. If you watched LOTR you know exactly what I mean. But I think they just used that as wrapping without actually eating the leaf. I...
  7. Mafia

    I doubt I'll ever go to a mall again

    I can't handle it with my anxiety. It's too loud and there's too many people. Especially the local one. I don't want to sound as too cringily racist but all the dark people around make me really uncomfortable. It's not that their bothering me intentionally or anything I just don't want to be...
  8. Mafia

    I don't care what music a girl listens to or what anime she watches

    I want to fuck one regularly that is younger than me and is within my BMI with a 1-2 point margin of error and skin lighter than my own.
  9. Mafia

    Cheat day

    I managed to go nearly 2 weeks just eating one meal a day (I think it was about 1100 calories). Well today was the first day I didn't have my macros set (I was supposed to cook the chicken in advance but didn't). Then I unthawed the reserve chicken I had but my mom bought it for me and it...
  10. Mafia

    I consider not having a gf to be the main cause of my unhappiness

    But as I was cooking just now I realized that maybe it could be way worse. My mom brought me some chicken breast because she asked if I needed anything. And I just took it out and cooked it but I realized it wasn't the precut tenders I like but actual whole chicken breasts. And those are way...
  11. Mafia

    Can't handle ☕ anymore

    I was too depressed to cook anymore chicken and rice so I had a cup of coffee instead to keep me full in addition to the two sandwiches I have every morning from my OMAD. I just feel sick from it. I still do. I had to force myself to drink it because I was worried about crashing my car without...
  12. Mafia

    I can't remember the last time I used my tretinoin

    Maybe it was months. I've been too depressed lately. So far all I've managed to be able to do is put sunscreen (almost) every morning before I go out. I just looked in the mirror and I saw some lines on my forehead (I thought it was misplaced strands of hair at first that I was trying to comb...
  13. Mafia

    Gaming This is cooler than a gun collection imo

    This is something I would do because of my OCD. The guy who took this pic probably has the same condition that I do (compulsive buying). I have so many laptops and clothes that are identical and other items. I really think this is cool though. These are his "handhelds" unlike people who collect...
  14. Mafia

    Gaming E3 2021

    I've been on /v/ (hate 4chan and trying to quit) and seeing all the new games announced. We had Elden Ring and also Halo Infinite. I'm not sure if I like Halo Infinite because it's going to have sprint and imo that is not Halo gameplay that is CoD. It's so annoying to constantly depress a...
  15. Mafia

    Do you think there will be riots again this summer?

    Or a violent summer in general? I'm trying to see if this is going to be a bad time for the market. I think what may have distracted me from investing at an opportune time last year was all the George Floyd FUD and I'd be curious if it's going to happen again. I'm considering just exiting...
  16. Mafia

    Sex in the time of COVID-19

    Discord ewhores, you won.
  17. Mafia

    I could never work a fastfood job

    I get nervous having to speak to anyone. And look, they gave this kid the headset. Idk how he does it. I find interacting with poor people to be horrible and it drives me crazy even being near them. I guess I could handle the fry basket and the nuggets. I can't even handle the burgers since...
  18. Mafia

    Investing I should've bought Funko stock

    Buy Funko Stock as It Expands Its Audience With Digital NFT Toys Funko's strategic combination of physical toys and digital 'toys' could be an overwhelming success for the already-successful company FNKO Stock: Funko Will Reach a New, Expanded Audience With NFT Toys | InvestorPlace 21h ago ·...
  19. Mafia

    So sad (Tinder)

    Just frustrating to read the comments. One of them was legit "I'm desperate just by being a man on tinder" and the reply was "that's how I thought until I made the whackiest profile and really stood out, been with my gf for a year now." I couldn't read much more it's insulting. I only got...
  20. Mafia

    Last fap

    I fapped to something gay asf before so I needed a better one, I know it's all filtered and blurred but look how cute her socks are lol. East Asian women are best, idk if they have "brown" pussies (you know who you are faggot). I found her from the stock thread on pol I linked btw, she's...
  21. Mafia

    I will always be a mask cuck

    I had to take a test yesterday and as part of it they take your photo and they asked me to pull down my mask and when I saw the photo I looked monstrous. I also got my ID card back the same day (needed a new one for work) and I look monstrous there too. The photo was too dark (idk what they're...
  22. Mafia

    New Server

    I got a good deal on a VPS so decided to switch. I probably should've made an announcement but I decided to do it right away. There was no data loss and the migration was 100%. I hope the site runs better/more consistent now. Where's the meta tag?
  23. Mafia

    Investing Kadena

    @IAmAMenace you ever heard of this? I'm beginning exploratory operations into this project.
  24. Mafia

    Someone keyed my car

    It's the strangest spot to. The back right passenger door. Like four inches long. It was very hatefully done as half of it is really deep but I guess whoever did it ran out of strength. Usually such things are scratches that just mess up the paint layer a little, this nigga carved into the...
  25. Mafia

    New iPhones

    I can't wait to get mine. I will preorder if they let me pick it up at the Apple Store (the niggers will take it from my building). I like the instagirl triple cam in the back and they are making it even larger! That's my favorite part of the phone. I really like the way it looks. It's so...
  26. Mafia

    I had an incel moment

    I was walking home from the market and there was this med girl around my age walking in front of me. She was skinnier than me and that actually pisses me off with how hard it is for me to maintain my weight to see anyone skinnier than me. It's in fact very rare for me to ever encounter anyone...
  27. Mafia

    That is so me

    Just with a few years to go. But I got my corona shot in my right arm because I'm left handed.
  28. Mafia

    I drive a Honda Civic

    I am also short and ugly. And I could be mistaken for Indian. Maybe I didn't need a new car after all. It wasn't about girls though. I just feel like four doors is too many. And I like very small cars. He had a 2 door car but his wheelbase (and even length) was freaking longer than mine...
  29. Mafia

    This guy is so me

    Why do they delete their cringe vids after they're saved and reposted. It's like they have shame. sailorkader (@sailorkader) TikTok | Watch sailorkader's Newest TikTok Videos He's got 20k followers though. I guess that's a lot (wouldn't know). And his shitty low res avi is not something he...
  30. Mafia

    What the sun does to you

    I keep noticing new brown spots. I stopped wearing gloves and switched to sunscreen on my hands instead and now I notice a new "freckle" on my wrist that wasn't there before.