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  1. G3yway

    My Ex Asked Me How I'm Living

  2. G3yway

    I wish i was a guy so bad

  3. G3yway

    You'll never be a 80's Wall Street Shark.

    not a word
  4. G3yway

    Trivia: Who's Alt Am I?

  5. G3yway

    Friend broke my finger nail

    Replies: 19
  6. G3yway

    Black Pill 0 Reacts

    Logged in this morning to 0 new reacts. Its over
  7. G3yway

    Who want to play videogame with me

  8. G3yway

    despite meking hlaf of the pupiltion

    they owe it to you
  9. G3yway

    A chad rated me a 7 and "pretty"

    hey baby
  10. G3yway

    im hardcore addicted to drugs

    come back to me baby
  11. G3yway

    What Do Women Feel Like?

    came to post this
  12. G3yway

    do you regret not banning pissbaby?

  13. G3yway

    cant espce the dog pill

    she is overrated
  14. G3yway

    my ways to consume hentai tier list

    1. manga picture 3. game 4. hentai anime
  15. G3yway

    Biggest blackpills in my life

  16. G3yway

    Should I keep working or just be NEET?

    work sucks but neet is boring
  17. G3yway

    I hate my family so much

  18. G3yway

    okay, maybe the sfcels do have a point

    from san francisco
  19. G3yway

    Being Chinese was something I was born into

    i am not chinese
  20. G3yway

    chad will be inside her tonight