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  1. G3yway

    Black Pill 0 Reacts

    Logged in this morning to 0 new reacts. Its over
  2. G3yway

    News Not reading threads

    Anyone else never read threads? In all my years of PSL i dont think i have ever read a single thread. I just read the titles and reply with nonsense. Anyone else do this? Inb4 didnt read lol
  3. G3yway

    Black Pill Its over for PSL

    It is truly over for PSL. Between this site and lookism there are probably 25 total active memebers, meanwhile lookmaxx has 50 million British 16 year olds active at all times.
  4. G3yway

    Theory Movies teach you to be an autistic cuck

    Every highschool movie has the main character as some skinny neurotic cuck. They act all quiet and autistic and get bullied by the movies jock. There is a female love interest that they stare at like a retard. They then go through some gay arc, beat the bully, and magically get the girl when she...
  5. G3yway

    Black Pill Be good looking theory

    I have learned recently that being good looking makes women like you. So I have devised a plan. If you be good looking, women will have sex with you. You guys should try it, i had sex and it felt like sand.
  6. G3yway

    Slayer What posters jere have had sex? How does it feel?

    How does sex feel? Like sandbags I assume.
  7. G3yway

    Blue Pill New method to get pussy or at least practice Epal is a newish e-girl oriented website. Random girls charge about a dollar or two a game to play with them. Or if your a disgusting homosexual there are dudes there too. A new method I have discovered and patented is to pay for games off of girls that have had limited...
  8. G3yway

    Looksmax Mewing 3 month before and after [PICS INSIDE]

    Hello everybody, G3yway here. I recently discovered mewing from a small youtbuer named astrosky. I recently have been mewing daily and chewing mastic gum. Here is my results. Before: 3 monts back You can see i am gl but not slaer. Here is me now Here you can see mewing is very effcetive...
  9. G3yway

    Black Pill 6'1 is the new 5'9

    Powers that be forgot to fix the npc models so everyone is way taller now. If you are not at least 6'5 it is legit over and you will never have sex srs.
  10. G3yway

    Slayer Need some pussy

    Need some pussy asap. smh girls ignore nice guy gentelmen like me and go for totla jerk jocks! need to go dexters lab mode and give mtyself lefort
  11. G3yway

    Slayer Stuckyhacks next evoultion

    Before: After: Final Evolution:
  12. G3yway

    News Just had sex ama

  13. G3yway

    Make a "G3yway is online" alert

    It has been heavily requested by members, especially the female ones, that a "G3yway is online" alert should be added. When you log onto LT, an alert will appear if G3yway is online or not. If G3yway is not online, the alert will ask if you still want to post.
  14. G3yway

    Black Pill There are more tall incels than short ones

    Your average PSL poster is like six foot minimum
  15. G3yway

    Black Pill I lied about my height

    Im 5'8
  16. G3yway

    Blue Pill I want a girlfriend and hold her hand

    and we would hold hands and givde eactoher kisses and we would hug and i would smell her hair
  17. G3yway

    Slayer Who are you people

    I have been on PSL on and off for over 4 years. Who are any of you people. I remember like 3 users off l**kism. When members are brought up i have no idea who they are. im in the old folks home
  18. G3yway

    Ethnic I never like posts but I expect all my posts to have likes

    It is what it is
  19. G3yway

    Ethnic "Girls" of PSL

    How did you find PSL in the first place? Was it a make-up tutorial gone wrong? Or just teenage fascination with ER?
  20. G3yway

    Black Pill Baby yoda and the female mindset: A 10 part series

    LOL deeze hoes wont think twice ripping their baby to shreads with the lastest and greatest baby killing machine but freak out and cry whe baby yoda gets punched on scrren by their favorite jewish actors
  21. G3yway

    Red Pill 2/3 of the PSL letters are dead

    The P and S are dead. Only the L remains. lol the L you taking nigga cuz you dont get no pussy
  22. G3yway

    Theory New trick to get girls 100% working

    I just developed this theory this week it has worked 10 times just his week so far have picture proof. Mothers have materinal instintcs they like to take care of babys. So i dress up like baby wear diper and babvy socks in public and hot chicks take me home!! works !!
  23. G3yway

    Black Pill Height dosent matter

    Height does not matter
  24. G3yway

    Theory Best PSL/general account names

    Post best PSL or just random other account names youve seen. My personal faves include Chef Goyardee and Born2shitforced2wipe.
  25. G3yway

    Black Pill Looks are all that matter in life

    Everything else is cope (except saving the world from satanists and going to heaven where you will be goodlooking srs)
  26. G3yway

    Rate Favorite posters

    Here is my list of my favorite posters. 1. @Arceus300 thats about it bonus least favorite posters @achitain
  27. G3yway

    hey slutty french girl

    @slutty_french_girl17 hey
  28. G3yway

    Theory Theory: BPS and Cindy are the same person

    Because i thought of this, it is 100% true in my mind
  29. G3yway

    Slayer Over if you try and emulate movies

    If you have ever watched a movie or a show and tried to emulate a character, ITS OVER