1. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Mafia where is ur avi from?
  2. Mafia Mafia:
    You like it? It's Attack on Titan fanart of the character The Owl.
  3. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Yeah, it gives off emo vibes
  4. E Emergency Alt Account:
    buy helium hotspot
  5. E Emergency Alt Account:
    send me one too I cant they dont ship to kazakhstan and they dont accept horse milk as currency
  6. E Emergency Alt Account:
    there is none in stocks either
  7. Senbon Zakura Senbon Zakura:
  8. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Should I buy ADA @Mafia? $200 by 2030 seems enticing
  9. Mafia Mafia:
    No bro look at that marketcap. It's ranked 6th of all cryptos.
  10. Mafia Mafia:
    Put a fraction of money in it if you want to hold until 2030 but I wouldn't go all in ADA. Only ETH or BTC would I do that and even then I'd rather split.
  11. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
  12. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Eth price predictions are shit though.
  13. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    I wish I would have put when it was at $130. I have a screenshot from December 2019
  14. Mafia Mafia:
    Take it to the crypto thread I tagged you in.
  15. Mafia Mafia:
    Bro the price predictions in that article are very promising.
  16. Mafia Mafia:
    You'd never get that in a stock. Both in terms of growth and security. That's also very promising and there's a lot of evidence to support those PTs.
  17. Mafia Mafia:
    Now I want like $5000 worth of ETH (not over 2k though like it is now). I at least want 2 whole ETH tokens.
  18. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Bruh I remember one time I was depressed and bought a token token at $700 around November (T levels drop around that month) I just said fuck it, I don't care anymore.
  19. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    It paid off though
  20. Mafia Mafia:
    This is legit. Just buy more tokens and stop gambling with them and buying stupid stuff like drugs. You could make a lot of money.
  21. Mafia Mafia:
    Right now you have more savings than I do. I'm jealous. Fortunately crypto is too high rn for me to want to make big moves so I have time to get some capital together.
  22. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Damn, buying eth under $1000 was an absolute steal
  23. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    I'm going to gamble on sports bettings and just bet everything on the top dog
  24. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    You should do that too
  25. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Easy money
  26. Mafia Mafia:
    I could've done that if I listened to you back last Christmas but I went full retard with stocks.
  27. Mafia Mafia:
    No bro, no sports gambling.
  28. Mafia Mafia:
    Sports is rigged.
  29. Mafia Mafia:
    Besides you can still lose money even if your team wins if they don't cover the spread.
  30. Mafia Mafia:
    I'd gamble with low mcap projects but not on any sportsball or actual online casino.
  31. Mafia Mafia:
    I'm with on you now on the crypto though.
  32. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace: just use a vpn and change ur location to Japan.
  33. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Alrighty then, suit yourself
  34. Mafia Mafia:
    I bookmarked it. That's only something I'd do if I was rich and for fun not to make money. I'd never bet more than a 1000, that's probably just what I'd fund my account with.
  35. Mafia Mafia:
    I'll save it for later but right now I don't have the money for anything frivolous like that and I don't plan on earning any through casino gambling.
  36. Mafia Mafia:
    Schoolwork time.
  37. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    @Mafia me and you and maybe @Shift should do some money grabs for bitcoin online, if you know what I mean. Everything works better with a team, idk if shift is rlly about that life tho.
  38. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
  39. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
  40. Mafia Mafia:
    Yeah that's gay I don't need to pull scams.
  41. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Me neither
  42. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Apparently Japanese baseball. I'm looking at it on this gambling stir
  43. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    japanese baseball exits
  44. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
  45. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Should I bet on Ben Askren or Jake Paul? Who do u guys reckon is going to win the boxing match on Apr 17th? One is some YouTube the other is a professional MMA fighter. Jake Paul size mogs him and reach mogs him
  46. Mafia Mafia:
    Japs love baseball more than we do probably.
  47. Mafia Mafia:
    I don't really want to stare at Asian men so I'm not interested in the game.
  48. Mafia Mafia:
    Don't bet but just go with Jake Paul for the meme if you were going to anyway. And bet small if you're going to.
  49. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    I'm gonna make a thread about this
  50. Mafia Mafia: