1. Mafia Mafia:
    I want it to be completely empty aside from that and a tiny bed.
  2. Mafia Mafia:
    I'm not looking for extravagance or to flaunt wealth so I doubt I would be a target.
  3. Mafia Mafia:
    People who want to project power/status become victims like that.
  4. Mafia Mafia:
    And I only drink water.
  5. Mafia Mafia:
    A very small table to eat and read on along with one chair.
  6. Mafia Mafia:
    And a headboard for the bed where I will be spending most of my time.
  7. Mafia Mafia:
    And a small dresser for my clothes.
  8. Mafia Mafia:
    I want it to be so empty inside it'll echo whenever anyone talks.
  9. E Emergency Alt Account:
    this got summer is the perfect time to starve myself tbh
  10. Mafia Mafia:
    Wtf it's always the perfect time to starve.
  11. Mafia Mafia:
    I'm sub 140lbs now.
  12. Mafia Mafia:
    Just eat once as soon as you wake up and don't eat again until the next day. It's a lot simpler than eating multiple times no reason not to.
  13. E Emergency Alt Account:
    lthat makes sense
  14. E Emergency Alt Account:
    i already ate when i woke up all i have to do not eat again
  15. E Emergency Alt Account:
    the icecream that ill eat in 5 min doesn't count
  16. Mafia Mafia:
    You're not allowed to have that food when you do that.
  17. Mafia Mafia:
    Only whole foods.
  18. Mafia Mafia:
    Learn to love blackberries like I do.
  19. Mafia Mafia:
    And I used to hate fruit.
  20. E Emergency Alt Account:
    i should be allowed to anything cold
  21. Mafia Mafia:
    I wonder if I can finally get some sleep.
  22. Mafia Mafia:
    140.2 lbs.
  23. E Emergency Alt Account:
    imagine breeding with a short girl
  24. E Emergency Alt Account:
    either you son will kill you in revenge
  25. E Emergency Alt Account:
    or if he doesnt that means he will be a retard
  26. Mafia Mafia:
    You can't do that. It's better to never have kids.
  27. Mafia Mafia:
    Short women need to be ostracized like incel men or considered just suitable for being fuck puppets or w/e. Even then sex with short girls is lame compared to taller ones.
  28. Mafia Mafia:
    They are just blobs. Worthless.
  29. Mafia Mafia:
    Maybe I would not mind having a short gf if she was Asian and extremely skinny. Short people get too fat/squat for their weight.
  30. skinnyfaggot skinnyfaggot:
    short girls are hawt
  31. pretty_boy pretty_boy:
  32. Mafia Mafia:
    I like long legs a lot like the sailor senshi.
  33. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Depends on how short they are
  34. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    There is this short spic girl in my neighborhood that had a crush on me. That bitch was always fat af tho
  35. Mafia Mafia:
    Those people are genetically predisposed to be fat (not making excuses though).
  36. Mafia Mafia:
    That's why it's hard for me to lose weight and keep it off and I need extreme diets and fitness regiments.
  37. Mafia Mafia:
    They are literally the fattest race.
  38. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    She was primitive af. She was a predator imo. She is a year older and she always use to flirt with me when we're younger, mind you I had no sex drive and I wasn't attracted to her
  39. Mafia Mafia:
    I am not making that up.
  40. Mafia Mafia:
    Yeah such people are filthy.
  41. Mafia Mafia:
    Doesn't surprise me.
  42. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Yh I read ur corn thread
  43. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    About S.A women being built like chickens or w/e
  44. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    She wanted my dick
  45. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    Well I stopped caring about her a long time ago
  46. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
    When I found out she was fucking a nigger. She just hops from dick to dick I have noticed.
  47. IAmAMenace IAmAMenace:
  48. Mafia Mafia:
    Me on the right.
  49. Mafia Mafia:
    Didn't watch (can't), maybe I will after work.
  50. pretty_boy pretty_boy:
    he went from being caucasion to black?