1. Ryo Saeba Ryo Saeba:
    they look different both all act same scheming gollum way
  2. Ryo Saeba Ryo Saeba:
  3. Ryo Saeba Ryo Saeba:
    joe rogan sucks ass I wanted to watch his alex jones podcast
  4. Ryo Saeba Ryo Saeba:
  5. Ryo Saeba Ryo Saeba:
    every 5 seconds he stops to suck off leftists as it is in his spotify contract
  6. Saya Saya:
    why are you watching something that you have no business of
  7. Mafia Mafia:
    he should be posting
  8. Saya Saya:
    acquiring free game off of epic = life
  9. Mafia Mafia:
  10. Mafia Mafia:
    you said you don't even got the hardware to play games
  11. Mafia Mafia:
    nigga always changing his tune
  12. Saya Saya:
    I like the acquiring part
  13. Saya Saya:
    im a collectionist
  14. Mafia Mafia:
  15. Mafia Mafia:
    you got a rig
  16. Mafia Mafia:
    u just don't want to talk about it
  17. Mafia Mafia:
    i know you're not just looking at files
  18. Saya Saya:
    i3 with an onboard yes
  19. Mafia Mafia:
  20. Mafia Mafia:
    play OSRS
  21. Saya Saya:
    worst possible way to spend your time
  22. Mafia Mafia:
    naze da
  23. Mafia Mafia:
    I don't ever got a jaw.
  24. Mafia Mafia:
  25. Saya Saya:
    just like real life
  26. Mafia Mafia:
    Naw I was just saying that outloud, didn't even have anything to do with OSRS
  27. Mafia Mafia:
    Just a walking pile of garbage.
  28. Saya Saya:
    stop dude, i will almost pity you
  29. Saya Saya:
    Before I die, I'm tryna fuck you babe
  30. Mafia Mafia:
    It's haram.
  31. Saya Saya:
    didn't know you were muslim
  32. Saya Saya:
    Being prime Dicaprio = life
  33. Mafia Mafia:
    I'm kaffir.
  34. Saya Saya:
    I'm a creep
  35. Saya Saya:
    No, I can't sleep until I feel your touch
  36. Mafia Mafia:
    That some sort of zoom zoom song
  37. Saya Saya:
    I need the sweet NT points
  38. Mafia Mafia:
  39. Saya Saya:
  40. DarkMTS_57 DarkMTS_57:
    Morning faggots.
  41. Saya Saya:
    good morrow to you beaner boy
  42. DarkMTS_57 DarkMTS_57:
    Likewise, and btw i don´t use beanies.
  43. DarkMTS_57 DarkMTS_57:
    Only hoodies.
  44. Saya Saya:
    gentle choice
  45. DarkMTS_57 DarkMTS_57:
    Ever seen a nazgul in your life ? Well, that´s literally what i am.
  46. Tsunayoshi Sawada Tsunayoshi Sawada:
  47. DarkMTS_57 DarkMTS_57:
  48. DarkMTS_57 DarkMTS_57:
    @Tsunayoshi Sawada Too early for lunch.
  49. DarkMTS_57 DarkMTS_57:
    I didn´t even have my breakfast just yet.
  50. Saya Saya:
    incel relax, take it eeeasy